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  • i don't mind cutscenes as long as they don't hinder you trying to get a pokemon or something along those lines. an example: i got a shiny story mode latios in the omega ruby game, but i hated that cutscene i had to do before getting to see if it was shiny or not.
    i don't care at all about the ultra beasts. they are confusing to me and i don't get what they are suppose to be or why they are even in the game in the first place.
    Well I've been inactive on this forum for over three years now. Apart from the people I'm friends with on social media, I never expected anyone to really remember/care about me, haha
    oh i looked forward to the leaks! lol :p not the story though, just the pokemon and trainer stuff (hairstyles and clothes etc.) lol i am the worst! i like to know what i'm getting into! :p
    so sorry for responding so late! i like rowlett's evolution the best. popplio's final isn't bad though. yeah that episode was cool! i wonder why you liked it? lol XD so how are things going with you? i haven't really talked with you in a while.
    they are pretty cool! the ones i really like are vulpix, ninetails, sandshrew and sandslash. the alolan rattata is cute! i really love midday lycanroc, my wolf pokemon has finally come! lol
    I think it looks like fun xD Some people think the new pokemon look goofy, but they all look a bit strange at first till you get used to them.
    Merry super late Christmas haha. I know I haven't been on here for a long time. And thanks for remebering my birthday! I had to work on my birthday but thats okay i guess. Lol. How have you been?
    doubtful, but who knows right? lol i'm still waiting for some awesome looking water and electric types, and other cool looking types too. almost all the new pokemon that have come out, to me, is just bleh. so hopefully they are saving the best for last? i really hope so! XD
    You don't have to accept it but I wanna make friends since sadly most of the original people I used to be friends went aren't on anymore or not much at all ;(
    to be honest, i don't have a favorite among them. :p besides the starters, rockruff, pikipek and salandit, none of the others really impressed me. i guess i'm hard to please! XD from that group, i guess mimikyu and mudsdale are interesting, but i'm probably not going to use them.
    Gotcha! The only pokemon I like from the most recent reveals is Mimikyu. It's typing is really interesting and it's description just tugs at your heartstrings! lol ;P

    Haha, I know right? It wouldn't be the Alola region if they didn't have a pokemon based on a lei!
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