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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • No. Cause I'm sure they have like more than 1 account and even if shim does get ip banned it ha other ways to still log on.
    Well it's getti ****in annoying if you ask me. I hate this person although I don't know who the hell it is.
    We have run out of things to talk about
    To murder someone on this very site that keeps bothering me no matter how much I want them dead they alway seem to come back.
    It was really fun to watch actually~
    I've never seen Paranormal activity, but that looks like a nice movie as well.
    I think with games you're more into the moment, as with movies, its like......like a movie!
    Apparantly they're songs.
    Some are remixes of game music+lyrics. Like the Super Mario Hyadain or Metalman "Made of Metal Hyadain.

    Other than that I'm not that knowledgable. >.<
    It's a horror computer game that I will never be playing because it's so......scary.
    I saw a commentary on it once and as soon as he saw one of the "things" I almost died!
    Do you have a faint heart N?
    I used to watch it but then I kept forgetting when it was on or was too busy. But its still a good series. :3

    I'm working on two fanfics. One based off a creepypasta, the other based somewhat on a Hyadain.
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