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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • Akina then wakes up the next morning and decides to explore the town properly.

    Let's pause this RPG for a while. I stayed up all night XD and am starving to death T_T I probably won't be back till Sunday night (morning your time) cos I'm gonna be at my BFF's place. *hugs* I'll definitely be back! :D Bye for now
    Akina, seeing N battle gives her the feeling of wanting to battle N one day. She pays attention to his battle style for a while. She then remembers about her Pokemon and decides to take them back. She then stays at the Pkmn centre and decides to stay the night.

    Hey I saw your posts in that number game we're playing. You feeling okay?
    Akina gives Pokemon to Nurse Joy to refresh them. Akina decides to go for a walk around town before returning to the Pkmn Cntr. She sees N and a kid start a battle, so she decides to watch from afar...
    Akina heard N's shout. "THANKS FOR TELLING ME!" (Its a great name! Very unique :D) Akina walked on to the Pkmn Centre and looked around. It was night, but the streets were full of brightness. "I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and explore this town!"

    Hey just a quick message, if my name suddenly becomes offline it means I ran out of money...
    Well Kai found my profile pic but they were both found on google images. My signature pic is from a game called .hack//G.U.
    "Oh wow! This town looks amazing!" (where are we? o_o). "Well, where are you heading now? I'm gonna go to the Pokemon Centre and have my Pokemon taken care of..." Akina's voice trailed off as she was gazing at the starry sky.
    I have my profile pic on my phone :) The one in my sig would be pretty funny to have as a wallpaper, lol :p
    "Okay! Snivy, can you do the same for me? But when I am up safely, use your vines to lift yourself up to okay?" Akina recalled Panpour to its Pokeball. Snivy wrapped it vines around Akina and lifted her up. After Akina placed her feet on the ground again, Snivy also climbed up using its vines. "Wow that was quite fun. You must be exhausted after lifting us Snivy." Akina picked up Snivy and kept it cradled in her arms. "Shall we go to the town?" smiled Akina as she looked towards N.
    "Yeah it can. Do you want it to lift you up?" Looking towards Snivy, Akina asked it, "Snivy, would you mind helping this boy to the top of that cliff?" Snivy agreed and wrapped its vines around N. "Okay lift him up." Snivy lifted N up to the top of the cliff and released N. "Thanks Snivy." Akina yelled up towards N, "Is there an exit up there?!"

    I just figured out that we were at the bottom of the cliff...lol
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