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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • Dammit, I knew that would happen.....but that was a nice picture!
    Oh well, here's the second best
    lol yes I did! :D I love that picture! I also have it as my wallpaper on my phone XD
    "My name is Akina and these are my Pokemon..." *grabs pokeballs from pockets* "Come on out guys!" Snivy and another pokemon came out. "This is my partner Snivy and this is Panpour." After looking at N's Pokemon, Akina turned towards where N was pointing to. "Uh...It could be an exit, but I'm not sure. I just came from over there...I think." *points to direction she came from* "If that is an exit (a cliff, really? What're you gonna do jump off?) then I'm guessing that there could be a route gateway there..."
    *Jumps back in surprise* "Are--are you okay?" Akina looked at the person. A green haired boy was on the ground after falling from the bushes.
    Akina stopped when she heard a voice. Shocked, she wondered if it was a hoax. Still she decided to yell out, "Yeah?!" She walked on very slowly listening intently for a response.
    8) the same goes for you.

    That's not fun. That's like being a prisoner of war or something. Like back in the A.D and B.C times when slaves had to drag/pull stones more like big boulders by the ankles. Ugh.
    Akina slowed to a walk. Is that a trainer? thought Akina as she looked ahead. She saw someone getting closer and closer as she walked on. She felt a wave of paranoia. She was afraid of being alone especially when it was dark. I'd better get a move on before night falls. Akina started a fast walk pretending that Snivy was in her arms and comforting her.
    Walking on the super long bridge, Akina was getting frustrated. She looked at her Xtranceiver and saw the time. "By the time I finishing crossing this bridge it'll probably be dark." She recalled Snivy back to it's Pokeball. She looked around her and saw other bridges in different dirrections beside the one she was on. She started running and got closer to what looked like an intersection. With the sun lowering it was hard too see properly but she was sure she had seen someone.,,
    Awesome :D

    Akina kept walking and saw lots of wild Pokemon, recording each of them in her Pokedex. Thankfully there weren't many trainers through the long way of the forest. "I wonder what the next town looks like, Snivy?" Snivy was asleep in Akina's arms. Akina spotted the exit from a high up place. "Ah I guess we're closer to the next town than I thought," she said walking through the trees and grass. She eventually made it to the next gateway. Akina stopped and facepalmed. "I knew I was wrong..." she said, looking at the super long bridge in front of her.
    A girl named Akina had just finished an energetic battle. "You did well Snivy. We should get you healed," said Akina pulling out a Potion from her bag. "This forest is huge. I wonder how many other trainers are in this forest."

    (My chara is Akina (its my player name). Was that okay for a beginner?)
    A painful hug? Hmmm...
    Well if you're trying to wrestle me, its not working.
    I'm an Oni remember?
    (I wonder what N thought I was talking abou--.......oh that perverted little...)
    Not much just on Facebook and this forum. Only person I'm talking to atm is you, everyone else is asleep so I'm pretty bored :/
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