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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • I was going to be late for work. Of course I gave him the wrong insurance card and questioned me asking if the car was mine and when I said yes he gave me a dirty look and said yeah right. Then he made me wait 20 minutes before he let me go I gotta go to court on the 12th. He then let a guy go that was going over 80mph.
    [ I see. Well, if you've never been in love, it makes sense that you're not interested in a girlfriend.

    Have you ever seen a girl as hot, without being in love with her? ]
    [ I also have trouble trusting people, but when I started talking to Blood Red Absol, I immediately trusted her, I just felt comfortable and safe with her, because I quickly fell in love with her.

    If you don't think you need a partner: have you ever been in love? If yes, did you want a relationship with that person back when you were in love? ]
    [ Why aren't you interested in relationships? A perfect girlfriend can make your life much better! My relationship turned me from a depressed, emotional wreck into someone who finally knows how real happiness feels.

    Did you know Blood Red Absol is capable of making someone as happy as she made me? <3 ]
    [ I met her in November/December 2012. She and I started talking about Pokemon, but quickly talked about very personal things I'd normally never trust anyone with, I just trusted her from the start, she and I just had a special connection. And so, while talking, I fell in love with her, without even seeing a photo of her, proving that I fell for her personality. Then, when I saw a photo, I also started gushing over her sexiness. On 30 January 2013, I confessed my feelings, was expecting rejection (after all, no girl ever liked me before), and she told me she loves me back, and that's how it started. 30 January 2013 is the most awesome day of my life. She really turned things around. I used to have no confidence, but after her falling in love with my personality and also seeing me as hot after seeing a photo of me (she's the first girl who ever said I'm hot), my self-esteem got a boost. I still don't like myself, but I feel better about myself than I used to. And I also finally see real life has good things too, something I never realized before getting together with her. Meanwhile, she told me I boosted her confidence, because I often compliment her and say sweet things about her, and the best about those things: it's all honest and genuine. She and I are just made for each other. <3

    She has all the qualities a girl needs for me. She's honest, not short-tempered (I can't deal with short-tempered people like my sister and my dad), she's kind, she's open-minded, she's not judgmental, she accepts my Aspergers, she loves me for who I am, she's understanding, she listens to what I say instead of saying I should shut up and get over it like most people say when I have a problem... She's perfect! And her looks are also perfect for me. I think black hair for white girls is really pretty, she has gorgeous eyes and a gorgeous smile. And her chest is the only chest I ever saw as hot.

    Do you also have a girlfriend? ]
    Lets see I tried cough medicine, cough drops, hot tea, not talking for a day, like 20 different pain medicines, spicy food, sleeping on my stomach, sleeping on the concrete, letting my cat sleep on my neck, and just holding my breath but everyone just made it worse.
    So I tried something new I made hot green tea with ginseng, lemon, a couple drops of honey and a hazelnut flavored creamer packet if I drink that twice a day it goes away for several hours I can eat normally and drink easily no aching body pain either.

    Edit: some guy just brought me free food 0.o
    I never found out what I had but I found out a cure for it by trying a lot of different things.
    [ First of all, I hate getting stalked. After all, sometimes, people see things they don't like and then confront me. Because of that, I always use brackets, could you please do the same when talking to me? An example of the consequences of getting stalked: I once said to someone how Misty's Psyduck could beat Iris's Dragonite if he would get a headache, and two minutes later, despite me using brackets, a Dragonite fanboy started complaining to me about what I said. Then, he denied stalking me, but it was extremely obvious. After all, I used brackets, the guy I talked to didn't use brackets, and he still managed to see it and confront me with it. So he probably saw that other guy talking about Dragonite in his activity and decided to start stalking the conversation. Of course brackets can't prevent all stalking, but it can at least prevent activity stalking.

    Do you like fanfiction and/or fanart?

    Do you think my girlfriend (Blood Red Absol) is awesome? After all, you know her too, I saw you a few times on her profile when VMing her. ]
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