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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • I actually don't have any tutorials sadly :/ I do the same what sweet may does through on what feels right and is satisfied that the person or me likes it :)
    Hello. I use Adobe Photoshop to make my banners and I don't have any tutorials on making banners or anything. I just splatter stuff across the canvas until satisfied. ^^;;
    I make them with a program called Photoshop which there is a free download program that some people use called gimp.
    Haha because you just didn't reply back, but it's alright I hardly come on here anymore. I just check every now and then when it crosses my mind. And yeah I had a great New Years. Time has flown man, it's almost February already so dude!! you actually get to celebrate your birthday this year cheeeeee! that's fun right?
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Deo! lol, no worries! I was pretty late myself. I hope you've been doing well! :D
    LOL. I thought you weren't replying back to me on purpose. Nah nah nah. It's good to hear from ya again! Hope all is well with ya! Happy New Year's!
    merry christmas to you too! i hope you had great holiday! sorry, i have been super busy lately. no, i haven't gotten cloud yet for super smash bros. i'm waiting for a sale for nintendo cards! lol :p
    I noticed lol you should check it more often lol I just sent you a good meme I found.
    W0w 2013, have I really bee gone that long? Well thanks on that 2 year old birthday wish. :p
    Hey thanks! I'm hyped to learn more about Zygarde's forms. Also, long time no see! How's everything?

    Yeah, this is a very late reply, sorry about that! Haven't been on the forums for like 2 years, wow.
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