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Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius

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  • well i just edited my sig cause it was super old so that's fixed :) and idk how i came up with my username, that was over 3 years ago now that i joined this forum
    Don't really know what to say when people say that. He didn't deserve it, and sure as hell didn't me and my sister.
    i'm not leaving :p No i havent either. I get that game soon... i'm just so busy with my work and other stuff that i dont have time to play much.
    i rarely check my email :p Whats up anyway, now i have computer, old pc :) it works fine. Have you already played pokemon x and y?
    Also, I have not had a chance to absolutely play my *** out on X like I did on Black so I have one badge, almost two, with the team of Quilladin, Litleo, and Wartortle. I plan to have Chestnaught, Pyroar, Blastoise, Staraptor, Goodra, and Lucario. I cannot wait to have that team because I almost have no weaknesses. I really want Helioptile and Tyrunt, but I have both in my box and when I'm done with this game I'll head down to Gamestop and grab Y, I love this game just way too much. Haven't been this attached to a Pokémon game since Diamond. Boy. Also, in Y I will start with Froakie and try and get a Fennekin from somebody. It seems as if you've chose Froakie. so if you wouldn't mind then maybe you can breed a Fennekin after you finish your game, because you'll be receiving him after :p

    Sorry for being a know it all and wasting your time as well as mine lol. I have a **** ton of homework I haven't even started and it's nearly 9:00. All because of god damn pokemon.

    Absol, by far in usage. I almost clean OHKO swept 2 E4 people with 2 Swords Dance + Slash. Holy balls. Imagine if this thing had a better moveset and got an evo line, him plotting in the middle. OU for sure, considering its UU right now :p (from last time I checked)
    I like Sceptile the best because he was my second starter ever, in Ruby. My first starter, quite frankly, is very obvious.

    What Kalos starter was I going to choose before I got X? Froakie. But then I absolutely fell in love with Chespin's design and Chestnaught and I could not resist not using him so I had to choose him, last minute. I was team froakie until I was in gamestop. Then it all changed.
    Yah, the N arc was probably the only good arc of that series. Too bad they weren't able to finish the Team Plasma V.S Team Rocket arc, guess they were trying to make it up to us some how :/

    It's funny how every one on these forums wants to act like BW never happened, not just you and me LOL.
    Yeah after my brothers are done playing the game i'll go ahead and play, so what's up?
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