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  • Alrighty then.

    I'll begin work on it tonight. Does it matter if the Scyther is caught or bred? I know a few good places to get Scyther on my 4th gen games. :)
    Thanks. :)

    Actually, I've found out that I can actually catch a Scyther in the wild as well, and teach it via tutor both of your requested moves.

    Roost in Gen IV is via TM, and Bug Bite is via a Move Tutor.

    What do you have in mind for two other moves?

    (I am able to poketransfer it myself, so I have more options in my hands. lol)
    Not a problem. :)

    Odds are I'll end up asking for just about anything, because I'll be honest with you:

    It will more than likely take me time to breed simply because of RL more than anything.

    You want me to trade it holding a Metal Coat? Do you want it nicknamed?
    Not a problem. I'll likely be totally unavailable tomorrow for anything, but I'll get it bred as soon as I can.
    I'll have to pull out one of my 4th gen games and breed one out.

    And no, I don't hack...

    And the breeding may take a while, as I've been rather busy lately. :p
    Be willing to part with Entei for a bred Scyther? I have a means to teach & breed its moves, as I have both 4th & 5th gen games, as well as the ability to poketransfer.
    I can breed that Scyther for you, if you want...

    Exactly which shinies in your sig are you offering?
    I don't check that fast.
    If I ask for Ditto at 2AM (GMT-5) I'll almost be guaranteed a Japanese one. Every time.
    Heh heh. You got a Mew as well. I got a shiny one on Emerald. Put that sucker on the GTS and you'll have your trade within the hour. >:D
    There are some, I suppose...

    I wanted a shiny Mudkip, so I traded an Ambipom for a shiny Gothorita on the GTS. Then I traded that to PikaPal_Lyra for a shiny Mudkip. I still need a replacement Ambipom. ;_;
    That's where we differ, I suppose. If I had to trade something really rare to get that shiny, you'd better believe I'm going to count it!
    Hence the difficulty of my decision. Keep a hack, or release it? The fate is not exclusive to Haxorus, either. I also got a Musharna, a Gulpin, and a Vaporeon from the same person.
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