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  • Doubt you remember me, but after almost 5 years i remembered this site and wow lots of memories. I remember you used to be my best friend on this lol. Hope youre well :)
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    @glowing light010: No, honestly I'm not copying. I had this team in my head for a while now. It's simply a combination of my three favorite starters, the very helpful Ampharos which I really like, and eeveelution that I thought would fit best because I love eeveelutions. And then Togekiss, which was just random. I may have seen a very similar team somewhere on the site, but I honestly had this team planned, I apologize if you think I'm just being a copy-cat, that's not really the case.

    EDIT: Well if the sig that I saw was yours, which it probably was, then I thought to myself, I really like this team, it's similar to what I have planned! To be honest, when I decided to put the Pokemon team in my sig, I had a feeling you would see it at some point. I had no intentions of copying or making anyone mad. The both of us simply have good taste in Pokemon! ^___^
    Did you get your copy the idea of my old signature in your team on your signature? I'm not mad - if you did. I'm actually kind of flattered :) I had the exact same team in the signature I had for a long time. Lol
    yeah me too haha.ive also been really busy with school and preparing for college so thats been stressful.
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