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  • hi can i ask a favor i think im goin to play on a different game could u hold oshawott for 5 min till i star other game?
    Glad to hear it! :) And really? Awesome! :) When is it? But happy early birthday!~

    They sure are, lol. Really? I've heard it's really great, but I haven't watched it yet. I just found out a place today though, so later tonight I'll try to watch the first episode or two depending on how much time I have. I do agree though, it sounds like it's a great restart and very refreshing with a good new feel to everything. I can't wait to check it out! Sounds like this gen just EVERYTHING is going to be good, haha. ^o^
    I like your avi. Mijumaru's first evolution is quite likable. ^o^

    Anyways. Nice! XD It was like that with me my freshman year too; I'm pretty tall and look older as well, so I got left alone thank goodness. XD And good! I'm glad it's been pretty good to you so far. =)

    Awesome! Yeah, I have too. I was curious and kind of excited when it was first announced, but as more and more info came out I just kept getting more and more excited. It's disappointing we have to wait 'til next year for it here. xDD;; I can understand that, the 3DS does sound pretty sweet.~ Hahaha same! XD My parents are pretty good about just buying me stuff I want, but when it's something like a bunch of games or a new system they are kind of more leary, so I'll probably have to go the job route as well. XD
    I hope not either. :( But I don't think they will really. It'd be pretty unlike them to, anyways. But yeah, I'm in High School too. A junior (11th grader) too. How about you?

    And man, I've just watched a few youtube videos and I am so excited for Pokemon Black/White. XD Wish we could buy it here in the states already!
    It sure is! XD I'm loving Black's Pokabu in the manga too, so much personality, along with the rest of the Isshu starters. And really? Pretty much the same here too, I'm afraid. Good luck with everything though!
    That's good. I'm doing pretty great as well. So anything interesting happening lately?

    Also, I love your Pokabu avatar. I love that thing! XD
    Haha X^D Actually I meant that people are on are actually talking to me too, but that works as well. I'm sure more people will talk to you as time goes on.
    Hey there, I agree with your post and you seem like a nice person, I hope you don't mind an invite. :) I'm Dakota btw.~
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