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  • lol, that's okay. I loath typos and grammatical errors with a passion too. Anyways, in this case I really did mean "train the future" where "the future" means something along the lines of "the next generation." I could put the latter down, I guess, if "the future" is still bothersome, but I don't feel like sounding like Star Trek :p.
    Sorry about my inactivity, but I'm still looking for a IDE to practice my code on. I hate my dial-up. Once I find and download one I'll start posting, but sense I'm going to be removed if I don't practice my code I think I should stick to that. I know it sounds weird, but it just how I think.
    Thanks! With your experience, you may find Ruby ridiculously simple (and maybe quite slow), unless you're not very fond of genuine OO. I do consider Python, maybe I'll get to it when I get some more experience.
    Thanks, Pokemon_Veteran. I shall study now what piece to submit, from Boost C++ tests or something. I'll send you the PM shortly. Also, I put some C++ in my sig, for fun measure. :D
    XD Thanks for noticing that for me. The way I learned Japanese I mix around the Hiragana with Katakana...it makes more sense to me.
    Wow. That is interesting. I don't speak the language it translates to though, so I can't confirm much as far as any bugs go (though I'm sure there aren't any).
    No no no. It was already in English actually. The phrase "O hai" is the internet meme version of "oh, hi" Although I think it's really cool that you study Japanese. Maybe you could teach me XD
    no, scratch that.....
    i cant tomorrw at this time. but when i message you again...i'll be one for pretty much the whole time...so respond back please! i'm really desperate for a dang johto starter. i miss them. haha.
    dude, i'm SOOOOOOOOOOO sorry. is there any way you can trade me the chickorita 2mmrw around this time? please!! i will be on around this exact time. i'll send you a notification like right away....it might even be earlier. but i'll keep checking....thanks!!
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