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  • Hmm should be 3DS version for the first one as there is streetpass function.

    It was fun lol.
    Story is pretty good. The best story there is for Pokemon spin offs. Fun to play? Yes. Even weaker moves are important for this game. It is all about survival so having alot of PP moves are important. 4th gen Mystery Dungeons have hunger meter. So the more you move or using moves in the dungeon, the hungrier you get. 5th gen has no hunger meter unless in post game for certain dungeons. To me 5th gen one is much more user friendly. 4th gen can be hard when progress through the story and post story, also tedious to train.

    Like other games I know. But mainly people cheat is to show off to others, or games that have multiplayer or online playing. If self-achievement, there aren't many people cheating. Anyway people take the fun out of the Pokemon game I love. I only battle or trade but since they are compromised, I lost the interest. When 5th gen died, I will not come to this forum often.
    You know? Actually all games can be messed up by people, it is just that since GTS and random battling are created then we realised so many people cheated...

    So if Pokemon Company can't do anything about hacking like other games, they can introduce banning to ensure fairer online playing since this time on 3DS there can be updates to this. Maybe this way will prevent people hacking just to win.

    I know ya feeling, because of this I felt I should stop continuing playing the main series. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is alright to me since it is all about self achievement.

    Also I will work soon so I will not have time to play much.
    Your GameBoy or GameBoyAdvance still works?

    Yeah somehow I have certain hatred to the Pokemon games nowadays, especially the main series one. This is the first time I realised so many people RNGed or hack to win the battles. So disappointed that Pokemon Company isn't gonna put a cap on this. And for 6th gen I don't feel anything good about it, unless they re-enforced their banning.
    Hi I was wondering if you were still willing to trade pokemon I've been away for awhile because of school :(
    ...you didn't specify untrained. Sorry, I didn't realize you wanted untrained ones. I'll take them back if you want...
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