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  • Don't use DK unless you're pretty high with IVs on a mon.
    DK is for pokemon with 3-4+ 31 IVs.
    DK is wasted on 3-below 31 IVs.

    but yea, takes patience and time :S
    I don't have a Friend Safari with Dittos...

    Also, I am using Destiny Knot. I don't have patience or time!
    Ugh, I don't know how you breeders do it.

    Trying to breed Marils with good IVs, and it's a pain in the rear. :/
    as you know, I don't know much about Pokemon Conquest, even though it just a world-based RPG, I suppose. But just wondering how would one 'capture' a pokemon?
    hey, sorry for not finishing my sign-ups yet, I will soon. *bets you never had more trouble from an RPer as much as you did with me*

    Anyways, would you mind that if it is still opened (and after I finished Tim) that I write an LSU later on?

    Also, how has things in New York treated you?
    oh sorry, I didn't quite finish it yet...well honestly I didn't start =(

    I will finish it as soon as I find the time to. However, due to some circumstances, I am unable to access the internet with my typing computer to create the sign-up, nor do I have a Flash drive or a rewritable CD to transfer the file. I will be able to soon though, so expect it by the end of next week.

    Sorry for the wait,

    Haha, thanks, and if I do, I'll take you up on your offer. For now, I need to see if I can polish the rp idea I have (it's interfering with my character brainstorming ability)...

    I'll skip the cane, I'll take the bathrobe, and for the kids...they're going to have to find a lawn to play in first. And if they ever do find one, I'll just sic Constance (gahd, can I change the name?) on them.
    Hahaha! Can I ask for an encore appearance?

    Seriously, that made my day. xD Thanks. Unfortunately, my musical talents lie in listening to it rather than making it (for now) so I can't return the favor. Until then, my audience will be composed of soap, shampoo and the water going down the drain.
    Very Well. If this is a Dog-eat-Dog world made of Great Danes, then here I bring a Wraughtwiller. I bring Command RPG. A Command RPG is where a RPG is controled entirely by the GM. The RPGs made here are what I call Collective RPGs. In a Collective, the GM works side by side with others. He works n the Story and is a sort of boss. But in a Command, the GM works outside using Updates to tell his RPers what is happening and what to do. Much more efficient.
    Well hello there, Chris. It's been awhile. I don't RP that much anymore because there aren't really any good ones. I'd love to though.
    Finished redo-ing Souls SU. It was a bit rushed, but I re-did Description and Aura (got a test to study for :p) Anyways, hope it's up to par!
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