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  • Well I've completed my sign-up just so you know, but I'm just going to reread a few more times before posting. And since I got school early in the morning I need to be getting to sleep now. You should see it later today, most likely.
    Alright. Thanks a million.

    Hm.. Alright. That helps. I guess I could incorporate Air Lock into it. But the attack he uses the most seems to be HyperBeam, ExtremeSpeed or Fly. All of which seem really... Cheap, to say the least, if a human had them.
    Hey. Sorry the SU has been taking so long. I've had SAT classes all week... But thank god it's over, and I'll have the SU up, hopefully, by tonight.

    Problem though! I really can't think of what Rayquaza's signature "Aura" would be (Seriously, he's in like one episode..) for my character. So I was thinking giving him a power similar to Dragon Claw. I haven't decided yet, though, and wanted to know what
    I am greatful, for your concern, but I've have not thrown it away. I have simply removed inadiquate information from your SU. I've kept it in my documents area b/c I only recieve an hour of Internet time.

    But there is something you can help me with. Please teach me how to create an RPG.
    Yeah I read you didn't want it in first person so I thought I ask if you have a preferred tense. I normally keep it in past tense myself (mostly because when I write present tense I slip into past tense), but I know I can't avoid it forever. I think it's a nice change showing my character rather than telling about them.
    Welll... *Throw confetti for Chris anyways* Grown men can enjoy the joy of confetti too!

    Indeed there have been many good times on the RPG thread and many good friend to roleplay with. I'm making a sign-up for your RPG Gods of the Unown World. And if I'm lucky I'll have it up before someone takes Moltres... I'm like Razor Leaf I don't like to reserve spots. I hate to hold up a spot and then not actually sign-up for it...

    I'm working on the Origin right now... I think I got a little carried away with it... It's like four pages long right now >_>; ..... Now that I think about it like that I ask for a spot since I'm working so hard on it. Oh while I'm on that topic, do you mind if it's in present tense?
    "I can haz garbage can?!"


    Its good to see you back. Finals are awaiting me though I'm afraid, so I have to go on break for a week or two. D:
    Hmm... Well if my knowledge of horror movie cliche serves me... No Zombie can resist Thriller *snaps fingers, Thriller Plays* Now they should be easy to pick off with my Boom-Stick!

    Welcome back, will you be entering the world of Nonsense or starting your own rpg?
    You're...you're...you're...you're back!...*dies*

    *revives with large zombie grin on face* You just put me into shock for a whole of five minutes. And you shocked my computer too - it froze. Really. >.> Okay, enough of my awestruck state at your unexpected visit.

    I was actually contemplating on whether I wanted to put up the revival of "Secret of the Souls" with a few edits here and there. >.> There's just something about this site that just keeps on screaming timely coincidences.

    And still...I mean, wowzers, how you doing? And should everyone in the rp board (including me) be afraid that you're back? >.>
    Yo! Been a while. I've been cooking somehting up in my RPG lab for the past few months that I think you might be interested in. The BLEACH RPG I've talked about since the first Experiment is done! Just waiting on some people to show interest and I'll drop it. If this is something that interests you, you know where to find me.
    Sorry; I really didn't mean to offend you. I just misread your comment. I basically watch both subbed and dubbed, but don't prefer one over the other. I think that while a dub can be done perfectly (or as close as damnit), you still miss something as it's not the real thing. I respect your decision; believe me, we've got some real weeaboos in Alt. Anime who go "ZOMG DUBS SUK!!! they cut out all the blood swearing and sex()rs in naruto! 4kids screwed up naruto! desu desu sugoi!"

    Even without this comparison, you still emerge the clear victor.

    Also, I'm currently watching cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts: reChain of Memories with English subs. Got to say, Donald's seiyuu really has got his voice down good. I find the fact that I got your messages as I was watching it ironic.
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