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    Thanx but which one is the BW 56 episode and isn't Pikachu short supposed to air after the Musicals?
    The Sawsbuck one, which is why I said, "This one" and no, the musical one airs after the short.
    From ep 51,


    Minccino: Swift
    Shelmet: Energy Ball, The next one is probaly Toxic but not sure.


    Tynamo: Tackle
    Zebstrika: Wild Charge

    Bianca's father:
    Darmanitan: Flare Blitz
    You've got to be kidding me. Dim-wit.
    No no no. For the love of God don't let Elesa be like Gardenia. From the way she's looking at Pikachu, she seems to be an Electric type obsesser. And somehow, Emolga looks extremely badass in that picture. I love Emolga now.

    Elesa looks awesopme. No doubts! But, I hope she is not like Gardenia. She better be of a different personality and ooo....her Emolga is a complete badass. Wanna see Snivy battle it.
    You posted the exact same thing as me. Seriously, your postcount doesn't matter. Stop making such small pointless posts :|
    You should listen to what Torpoleon said. All of your posts are spammy one liners that usually don't contribute anything to the discussion. Having a high post count doesn't matter.
    Stop posting such short posts that don't contribute already. It's getting annoying. Having a high postcount wont make people respect you. You make all of these simple oneliners that don't even contribute.

    Before you go off saying that I have such a high postcount, I've been here for over 3 years and I shared this account with my brother from when I joined to May 30, 2009.
    I simply messaged you here because we were spamming up the other thread. I didn't post here so that I could make it more personal, only so that it's less spammy.
    Ok, if you want to believe the ridiculous things that you think up in your head, that's fine by me. You can be like -Silver- who thinks Gothitelle is a martial artist and that Giratina and Hydreigon are the cutest things since pillow pets. Go ahead.

    Lilligant is related to the water lily by (incorrect) name alone, and nothing you can think up is going to change that.
    Check the Pokemon Anime Discussion forum, and go to the Dub Title Sticky Thread near the top, episode 19's title is there.
    Oh, i am sorry for giving you that idea. I was away from this site for a while.. thats the reason why i dind't answer your friend request.

    So how are you doing?

    I accepted you as friend ;)
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