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    What are some questionable choices that the writers (or staff) have made in your opinion?

    Probably because writers want Charizard to be Ash's ace in johto league, entire Johto league was about kanto pokemons only while johto pokemons play very minor role, imagine Typhloshion get beaten by Magneton and shown weaker than Bulbasaur
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    Should Ash get a new love interest?

    Didn't Nelly shown nervous or blushing around Mark and even jealous when other girl kiss him
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    What are some questionable choices that the writers (or staff) have made in your opinion?

    OS: the way Ash lose indigo league, lack of Gary presence throughout OS, what's the purpose of Misty's existence other than filling girl spot in the show AG/BF: why Max was added, wh Ash didn't get recurring rival, the goodbye scene at the end of BF, how May lose in Kanto grand festival and why...
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    Characters hated for odd reasons?

    SM Ash obviously get most nonsense hate in anipoke people say he was reset only because of change in art style even though he factually shown as skilled if not more skilled trainer than before and beat much stronger opponents Second probably Goh who get lots of unnecessary hate like people call...
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    Do Fire Starters get too much Favoritism in the Anime?

    Bayleef got better treatment than Cyndaquil or quilava while Typhlosion got terrible treatment compared to other two fully evolved johto starters, treecko and it's evolutionary line got way more focus than Torchic line in AG/BF and XY/Z, even if Incineroar had more focus primarina is still one...
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    Eevee and Sylveon! Encounters and Reunions!! (1194)

    I don't remember Misty doing anything memorable for Ash to help him become better trainer, Brock is the only one I remember actually mentoring him
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    Eevee and Sylveon! Encounters and Reunions!! (1194)

    I delete that already because I suspect this will turn into argument but look like I was little late
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    Should Ash get a new love interest?

    I hate her fanbase that's all Now they're saying stuff like Serena become mature and Ash is still a kid even though what Serena did in JN is something Ash already doing ever since AG
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    Should Ash get a new love interest?

    No thanks no need to create another character like Serena who is so popular because of her love that her fans wanted to kill someone for small things, no need for another fanbase like that
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    Amourshipping Thread V3

    Kukui achieved his dream of making a Pokemon league in Alola
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    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    Mega Charizard x
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    Pokémon Anime Versus Thread v4

    Alola Ash Mega Charizard x is the only obstacle which can be defeated if not nearly beaten by Pikachu+10 million volt thunderbolt, Incineroar can finish the job if Charizard survive than it won't be much hard to beat remaining Alain team specially when Ash still has other OP pokemons Melmetal...
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    Who's return made the most logical sense and who's didn't? (*this includes specials*)

    Make sense: May return in DP as she is the coordinator so her participating in Wallace cup make sense and she is the best option to help Dawn get her confidence back, Alola gang because they're the perfect choice to help Goh overcome his social anxiety problem as how welcoming they're, Alola...
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    Ultra Class! VS Elite Four Drasna! (1193)

    Last three series done more justice to Ash's character imo, from OS-BW Ash was always portrayed as underdog and sometime forced to lose battles so many times for story to work even when his lose make no sense But XY and SM did great job to showcase Ash as highly skilled trainer not some...
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    A Full Coverage of Leon's Special Training!! (1189)

    What about Darkest day arc where Ash and Go didn't see each others for 2 episodes? They paired up with Leon and Sonia too