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Last Activity:
May 2, 2018
Oct 20, 2010
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U.S.A! (the internet)
Intense trader. All the time.

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interested trader, from U.S.A! (the internet)

pokemonjeff was last seen:
May 2, 2018
    1. Fissurous
      Dive Ball, Moon Ball, Dream Ball, Level Ball.
    2. Fissurous
      Anything out of the ordinary!
    3. Fissurous
      I'm a terrible person. ;__________;
      -flabebe (orange)

      What Poke Ball are these caught in?:
      Lugia Kurt (34401)
      Palkia Arcee (07655) [I know it's a regular one]
      Manaphy Hermes (30000) [I know it's a regular one]
      Virizion DAMIAN (46586)
      Landorus Geo (28112)
      Kyurem Infi (32080)
      -scatterbug (Garden)
      -scatterbug (desert)

      Also, are any of your KB shinies in Dream/Sport/Apricorn/matching balls?
    4. Fissurous
      Oh nope. I'll look at it soon :D
    5. Fissurous
      Yeah. And at least they know about and say they're using Google Translate as opposed to someone who just types a gigantic wall of text in foreign.
    6. Fissurous
      Good point. At least you can decipher what the non-English speaker is saying ;-;
    7. Fissurous
      Ultimate test as a trader:
      Trading events with a person who speaks no English and uses Google Translate to translate from French.
    8. Fissurous
      Since the time I last sent you a list, definitely. It's still somewhat outdated, but I can PM it to you if you want :P
    9. Fissurous
      Have fun :) Meanwhile, trying to organize all of these boxes ;_;
    10. Fissurous
      How? o_O I can't even find an option to change the markers.
    11. Fissurous
      Like the circle, star, square, etc. on the Pokemon in the PC
    12. Fissurous
      *crosses fingers* On an unrelated note, I don't know if it's my OCD talking, but we seriously need an easier way to clear these markers.
    13. Fissurous
      Or a Litwick in a Moon Ball. I crai on the insidez
    14. Fissurous
      It's more in-depth :P. Plus the other one is missing some information on Colosseum, Headbutt-Apricorn Balls, etc. Basically Control-F to double check.
    15. Fissurous
    16. Fissurous
      omg yes. 6th gen, or even 5th gen, shadow Pokemon series PLEEEAAASEEEE. I would so buy a Wii U just for that if it came out. An all-region game would be very nice too, though. Although it might be a bit difficult if you want to fully explore everything...at this point, that'd be 48 badges ;___;. And by the time they do that, they'll probably release Gen. 7
      EDIT: This pisses me off.
      Is it really that hard to check ~70 shinies really quickly, looking for probably the 10 Pokemon that AREN'T in regular Poke Balls? >_>
    17. Fissurous
      Yeah, hopefully. Although if it is Johto exclusive, we may never see them again :l They've already remade the Gen. 2 games
    18. Fissurous
      Yeah, that's a pretty good rule of thumb :P. And yeah, the Poke Ball thing really sucks. I don't understand why we can't recapture Pokemon in different Poke Balls. Or NN Pokes from different OTs. Or why they brought back basically everything from past gens like Poke Radar but didn't breen back Apricorn Balls or some variant.
    19. Fissurous
      Yeah. Unfortunately, there's no way to tell right now whether something is legit or not. Even though it's unlikely, there's always the chance somebody has 50 copies of XY :P. Although when Pokecheck gets out of maintenance, Powersaved shinies should be easy to detect.
    20. Fissurous
      Random bit of information:
      The following OTs are likely culprits of being Powersaved shiny. Be especially wary when dealing with the following OTs:
      (ones with a * are almost certainly all Powersaved shiny; other OTs are on probation until given further proof)
      Davey * (Squirtle is VERY widespread)
      Miranda *
      Luis *
      Richie *
      Leo (09903 Meowth is definitely hack, have not seen more)
      Lyle (claims from another user)
      Cra (claims from another user)

      Yeah...basically any Kalos-native shiny with an OT that you see 50000 times throughout people's lists and has a different TID is is powersaved.
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    U.S.A! (the internet)
    Intense trader. All the time.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I would trade your life if I could clone it first