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  • Magtratransfer ako sa private school.Maraming masamang nangyari eh..Nevermind that.hehe..hay..
    Oo nga noh?hehe. ayos lang yan, basta matapos mo lang mga gawain mo then dun ka na mag-enjoy pag natapos na..hehe.
    No problem lol: I understand lol.
    Clemont is great, Bonnie is just terrible to me right now lol, and Serena is just...worst heroine yet, honestly.
    Yeah, Ash is just...mediocre lol.
    TR are the worst now, though: me too.
    Understandable, man.
    Hey I think I left my camera at Cedric's place lol
    But hey, see you tomorrow for your b-day celebration with friends ;)
    Cool, bro: nice to see you back here.
    It's so far my least favorite series, but I think Clemont is great and Ash is mediocre so far: however, I can't stand Bonnie, Serena, and especially TR now, though.
    Sounds good to me.
    IKR? I actually liked Medon and Ayaka, surprisingly.
    Hehehe, oo nga eh, summer na,though may inaasikaso pa akong mga forms para sa pagtransfer ko, kaya balik balik pa ako sa Uni, anyways, at least summer na..hehe.

    Eh? talaga? Uy, happy Birthday kuya! hhaha. Wish you more birthdays to come..hehe. Oo, stay away muna sa stress kahit papano.hehe.
    Not much, bro: how are you? Lol.
    No, but they're blindly praising everything it does good or bad as always: still not as bad as the bmgf fandom.
    I prefer the Original JPN BGM too, but meh, TPCi's dub has so much worse about it than replacing the music that it is the least of my concerns-- the terrible voice acting, script writing, and poor intros/endings' quality are what really bug me-- both 4Kids and TPCi replace some of the Original Score, but I have to say at least 4Kids' replacement score was...decent and actually sometimes even good to listen to at points. TPCi's was just...like the laziest thing I've ever seen composed with no adventure feeling or spirit in it at all (DP Season 2- BW dubbed)...and now, for once they actually tried, but still sadly failed with this...Victorian theme that doesn't fit Pokemon much in the XY dub...:smh:.
    NOt one of my best efforts. HAha, the point was to make Pokeshippers unhappy with the ending, the number of times a Pearlshipping fic has turned out to be Pokeshipping.
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