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Last Activity:
Apr 1, 2017
Jan 2, 2014
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PokemonMadness8 was last seen:
Apr 1, 2017
    1. DJSummers
      Alright, I'll look out for when your online.
    2. DJSummers
      You free for that Frontier Battle?
    3. DJSummers
      Tomorrow since I had to go and knew I wouldn't be back in time.
    4. DJSummers
      Alright, sure. Which server will you be on?
    5. DJSummers
      You are allowed to open when you have challengers waiting to battle you.
      For me when I have challengers who schedule a battle, if open they get priority unless they let another person go ahead of them. If I know I'm not going to open and I have free time and I see they're online I'll PM them to see if they want that match now. I mean eventually I'll be able to catch you online when I open since I usually be online for awhile when opening. But yeah, I'm looking forward to our battle, just took a random team to use, not sure on how it'll do at all.
    6. DJSummers
      Sure, I'll be ready the next time your open.
    7. DJSummers
      I challenge your Facility.
    8. FairyWitch
      hey PM8 sorry to bother you i haven't got back with blackwing about this but it bothers me that your master league userbar is over 500 kb limit which a few more of the league userbars are not sig safe.I use to own art shop i always made sure its sig safe it just bothers would you like me to fix it or would you prefer a userbar like mine in my sig its up to you....I talk to blackwing though that the league userbars are not all finish and broom is away busy which i did volunteer to make either temporary bars if everyone still likes broom's userbar style better.

      edit: its a nitpick of mine im sorry if i came off strange...
    9. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      Pokemadness, you're have been inactive from the masters league for over a week, as well as your post as an electric gym leader. I know school is a priority and ll but if you dont show up, we have a new applicant to take your spot. Until then.

    10. Fissurous
      So would you at least be willing to trade back? Because he has provided sufficient proof that says that the Gyarados is not even close to flawless.
    11. SkyBlue
      hey pm8 are you still going to open flying today?
    12. Fissurous
      Do you still have a clone of the Gyarados and would you at least be willing to respond to his PMs and trade back?
    13. Fissurous
      Hi, Mr. Morshu claims that you scammed him. Do you have anything to say in your defense?
    14. SkyBlue
      Ok :3
      I look forward to it.
    15. SkyBlue
      Hey pm8 ^w^
      when will you open your flying gym? :3
      I've been dying to get more badges lately.
    16. cryuel
      Hey PM8~
      I'm off to a meeting, but if you're still around in 3-4 hours we could have a battle then. Thanks for the invite in any case~
    17. broomstig
      Yeah, Ive only just got home so have only just seen them
    18. PokemonMegaBeast
      Hey PM8 im just suggesting you get rid of the badges in your sig and try to move those two userbars next to each other since ypit will probably get edited due to being too long
    19. Sietse23
      naive with rough skin? thatd be awesome
    20. Sietse23
      got any 6iv legendaries, 6iv naive gible, or starmie, good natured legendaries will be as good? ive got most pokemon already so if you dont i have a gliscor myself you can have
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