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  • I think you should save that episode for a time to make it look more epic but that's your decision.
    I on the other hand am getting frustrated at my boards this year. Because of them I can't do a thing to help get the old thread back some way. I thought of having made a group, but I seriously don't have time for it.
    I don't know, I asked Thunder about it, he says we need to ask the mod for groups but we don't know who that is.
    Hey Bill! Haven't spoken in awhile. <3

    As I said to Cazak, maybe we should make a group if a mod would allow us.
    We got to make 1 ourselves. I think we should all come together and talk to a mod of the fanfic sub-forum. Also I wasn't gonna write much episodes anyway since my exams are starting again.
    I'm just waiting for the new thread to be opened, and then I'll continue from where I left off.
    I'm gone for one week to discover that the topic is closed by a mod who I never knew of. -_-
    Tell me if there's any news of the topic.
    If you want to find the fanfiction forum, simply scroll the main forums page all the way down before you hit the "Who's Online" table. You'd see forum sections such as Clubs and Games there. Right below RPG section, you should be able to find the Fanfiction forum. The main fanfiction forum is for Pokemon only. If you want to post non-pokemon fics, there is a sub-forum for it as well at the top.

    Remember to read the rules there first before making a thread there. ^^
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