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Jul 30, 2009
Dec 11, 2008
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Blastoise in suits.

PokemonMasterRazir was last seen:
Jul 30, 2009
    1. Ms.Accord
      Hello♪ just a note, ur ranger RP is supposedly supposed to be closed as it broke rules, if you like though I can help make it acceptable.
    2. Cierra
      That'll work then ><'

      I like a few select ships. Chosen and Special and even PreciousMetal, for example XD

      And I do like any pairing with Ruby...except Frantic, as you've probably noticed XD
    3. Cierra
      The couple you support... It kills 10 babies each second D=

      No offense. Too many people like Frantic, in my honest opinion >.> An Anti-Frantic like myself can't do anything about it >.>
    4. Shadow-saur
      ...You forgot to give me a truth! XD
    5. Shadow-saur
      That's great. How many "buisiness days" will it take to get there?
    6. Shadow-saur
      That's quite the accident. Did you have to buy a whole new one, or was it covered under the 30 day money-back thing thing they give?
    7. Shadow-saur
      That's awesome! I was so happy when I got mine. Now I can be on the computer and watch tv at the same time. XP
    8. Shadow-saur
      That sucks. Hope you've had at least one good thing happen. :)
    9. Shadow-saur
      And a very good afternoon to you. XD
    10. Shadow-saur
    11. Shadow-saur
      Well stick with it. Being a writer would be awesome, plus it's always good to have a goal in life. :)
    12. Shadow-saur
      That's pretty cool. I've never been very eloquent. I just know big words. Have you written much?
    13. Shadow-saur
      Yeah, I should probably stop tryin to tell people what to do at 12:30am, because I can't remember what I'm trying to be bossy about. :P
    14. Shadow-saur
      XD That's awesome! You might want to elaborate on them a bit, I wouldn't want to see you get infracted... they want at least a couple of sentences for each shipping. I'm not sure exactly what the rules are off the top of my head, but if you check the first post it says something about length.

    15. Shadow-saur
      Ships you like. I'll try not to be mean twice in a row. ^^;;
    16. darklord18
      You forgot to give the person who post before you a truth.
    17. Sonic Boom
      Sonic Boom
      Please remember the rules of the ToD Thread. You have to wait until 5 other people have posted there before you can respond. Delete your second post before you get discovered and shot down.
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    I despise Franticshipping! <Dare>