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  • lol i even admit pokemon battle revolution is very addicting i use shaymin, swampert, regigigas, garchomp...and ect.
    yeah the interent takes away from some of the personal touches that makes pokemon "a personal" exp. though i did copy a gengar off of someone becuase they creamed me with it during the gamestop tourney for a free pbr.

    too true about "real life" vs actual game. a ditto transformed into a mewtwo could never be just like it. same with smeargle's sketch it would be as good as the originals version. though i do feel that in "real life" their may not be alimit to what moves you can teach a pokemon, like a squirtle with bubblebeam should be do-able in real life as apposed to only in 1st gen.
    Hey sarah, just saw that we are around the same age. I think it's cool that we older fans get to connect. :) anyway write back when you can. Do you have a fc?
    well, mewtwo IS mewtwo. i have to say i was impressed that even after all this time mewtwo is still the strongest. sure deoxys in attack form does have higher atk/spatk BUT mewtwo is well rounded and can take more hits.

    itoday i was thinking about how someone could go about training a smeargle in real life, which is kind of where my inital idea came from. 2 methods, the short term is ditto. in the manga green showed her ditto mew to transform into it to distract TR goons but it wasnt clear if ditto could use mews attacks or if it just transformed. reasoning does say it should, but should is a funny world in life. the 2nd, a pokemon with metronome. the odds of ditto doing something like roar of time or dark void would be slim, but still it would be a method to get smeargle to see the "legendary" moves.

    to further enhance smeargle in the game, they should spinda it, but change the color of its paint. the pokedex would show it with white paint though.
    yeah the mods here are far too strict. i often dont like to make posts. ah but in double battles smeargle might be able to shine. i mean thats how you can get it to learn the magority of itsmoves rather than relying on the comp. what he said about ditto wasnt true though, ditto copies the opponent, so if knows what you know. so if the trainer said use blast burn, and charizard didnt know that move it could do nothing.
    You seem confident enough. Play me. I go easy on you. Send something at superpaul20@aol.com if you accept your fate.
    hey i wish to apologise for my last comment - it was meant as a joke & i'm sorry if you took it the wrong way dude :(
    I beg to differ. The infraction clearly states why. You bumped 2 extremely old threads.

    For example, the date of the post before yours: 5-1-2008, 9:16 PM
    The date of your post: Yesterday, 6:54 AM ... aka 12-4-2008.

    Thats 7 months. If you read the rules of the forums, bumping a thread thats over a month old isnt allowed.
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