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Nov 10, 2017
Aug 2, 2011
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My Eevee Ranch
Breeding and raising Eevees

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Eevee Master, from My Eevee Ranch

pokemonranger7098 was last seen:
Nov 10, 2017
    1. bobandbill
      Yeah, that could be done Just don't lump it all in one go, but spread it out (ie instead of a paragraph describing him, throw in a fact here and there with the story plot/his actions. Want to mention his red hair? Maybe he wipes some hair out of his eyes, for example. That way he's doing something and the story moves on, even if that something is very minor. Better than stopping the story to tell us he has red hair, after all!
    2. bobandbill
      Quick message - I'll get started looking at what you sent tonight.

      LP videos can be good for this sort of thing, I found.

      Re battles - kinda necessary to skip or merge some, really, if you're parodying a game (unless you're going for a GIANT project, ala The Funne Version of Johto.) Otherwise the story will just drag forever, and diminish the importance of other battles.

      You could also play the game twice! ;p
    3. bobandbill
      Ah! I wondered where you disappeared to.

      I suppose it's natural to fall in and out of things like this, really.

      A case of telling is what it says on the tin - telling the reader facts. For example, if you say in your story 'Tim was tall', that's telling that fact pure and simple/bluntly. If you instead say that 'Tim towered over them' or 'He looked up to stare at Tim's nose', then the reader can tell that Tim is tall, without you directly stating that fact - in other words, this is showing a consequence of the fact to the audience.

      This is a useful thing to do as it can keep the story moving while still giving description, and/or just generally make the description more enjoyable to read (e.g. 'The dog barked loudly', vs 'Jane jumped and gave a surprised yep as the dog barked.'') Telling isn't always a bad thing, mind, but not something to rely on.
    4. bobandbill
      Damn straight! ;p

      The fourth wall comes from plays I believe, in when a character would directly speak to the audience (say what they are thinking about the situation themselves, etc). The stage would have three physical walls typically; the back, the two sides, and the fourth being the front 'wall'; in talking to the audience they have hence broken it.

      Generally this only really works well in comedy. It can work in stories with a narrator explaining things, but doing that by adding in facts or details in brackets is rarely a successful way to do that. It risks breaking up the pace of the story and reminding the reader that it is a story/gives the impression of details being added in as an afterthought rather than prepared nicely as in a professional story (e.g. you'd very rarely see this sort of thing in stories, and when done it's by footnotes most often instead).
    5. bobandbill
      I got it. Just have been busy of late is all.

      Ebook project is also on hold til I have more time and motivation for doing it (as said, I'm working on other things atm).
    6. bobandbill
      Easy, via other ships. I think that explanation works better than changing the canon details. Work with/around rather than against it, etc. (It took me quite a while to think up some explanations for the record, and a lot were just for humour as well, heh).

      I think the hobo wasn't on the ship in the first place.. on that note he would be a fun character to play around with, I'd imagine.
    7. bobandbill
      Odd, I didn't get the notification for it. Or maybe just missed it (was out most of yesterday, so).

      Got your PM so I'll look over that in a while. Main concern is that I'm not sure the first chapter reaches the 2 page limit by the rules but I'll check that.

      I was, but kinda forgot and got caught up with other projects. Maybe I'd get to that soon.

      As for your question, it depends really on how you want to have them communicate. Also note that the link between them may not necessarily be psychic, but just say a strong understanding between trainer and Pokemon. Alternatively; he doesn't have to understand them! That can lead to comedy too, just requires thinking outside the box a bit I suppose.
    8. darklord18
    9. bobandbill
      Hmm... I'm not too sure of working together, partly due to time and also partly due to not knowing your writing style to begin with (it's sometimes easier said than done to write together). Any examples from recently? I'm not saying I'm not interested, mind, but I wouldn't mind knowing more with that before deciding.

      And yes, that was what I meant by direction.
    10. bobandbill
      I would recommend playing XD again, as I found it more useful to play Colo myself than to watch. (It was handy in cases mind, but basically playthroughs may not go and talk to every NPC, or pick up on every little thing that may give you an idea).

      I haven't yet decided against doing an XD fic, mind. =p Just doing other projects instead for now. Whenever I get to playing XD again (because yay double battles adventure!) maybe it'd give me ideas for it. But that's a ways off.

      And sure, I could. Note that when uni starts for me I will not be the fastest with it at times though (it can be pretty busy). And I'm MIA in mid-February.

      What sort of direction would you be going with the fic anyways?
    11. darklord18
    12. darklord18
      i see.

      um can i pm you something
    13. darklord18
    14. pokemonranger7098
      Sure, we can still be friends. :D

      Who left?
    15. darklord18
      i see. anyway still wanna be friends?

      I am sorta in a sad mood one of my best friends left serebi
    16. darklord18
      i got you on my friends list so yeah

      anyway did you change your name or something
    17. darklord18
      hi what up?
    18. Zekshirom
      I just hung out with my family.
    19. Zekshirom
      You too! =D

      What's up?
    20. Lockette
      I will keep it for the egg move.
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    Breeding and raising Eevees
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