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  • That's good to hear! haha. I've just been doing a lot actually XD. How about you? It's been way to long since we last talked.
    Damn man I see how passionate you are with cars. That's a very specific build. You planning on working on cars after high school as a full time career?

    & my cousin has a Honda. He fixes it up and ****, but he's always talking **** about my brother's Mustang, that's also fixed up. Just gets annoying.
    Woah in real life or a video game? lol.

    And I started school dude! I've already been getting lots of homework. Thats what sucks. :(
    Yea man remember having no problems or anything. School was easy back then. We would all just get on and talk about the randomest things. I really miss that but you're right. I have to move on. I have to remember that I will probably never talk to all those people that I was actually pretty close to again. That makes me really depressed though. We made good friendships and now they're over just like that.
    The thing is I really wouldn't mind being immature again. Its just that I don't have anyone to be immature with. I remember me and WS joined the Gay club just for lols. haha. I really miss that guy out of everyone.

    Chyea man I drive.
    lol Damn yea weird guy. I think he got mad at the way that I told him I wasnt interested. Might've been my fault too considering I was less mature back then.

    Eevee sounds familiar. I just cant remember much about her though
    I honestly dont remember why wee didn't like him. But I do remember that scumbag went into my clan thread and talked **** publicly to everyone in the clan. Dude Royal ****ing had a crush on me, he told me, and he even asked me for my number. When he did that, I didn't want to seem like a douche but you have to be weird as hell if you fall for someone over a pokemon forum.

    Who was eevee lover? lol.
    Dude Darkess Master was a homo. ED had beef with Darkness Master. Royal was the gay guy right? And the list that you gave me I don't remember the rest of the people mentioned after Bug Pro. I do remembe Emiilava, she's still active, and dfire. Also I always think about xxbaconxx from time to time. She was like 10 so I wonder how shes doing nowadays.
    Did you take a break from this place? I mean that last time we talked was a couple years ago.
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