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  • Id be down but even if our clan were to get popular there would probably be only like 5 people active in it. Thats how inactive the guild section it.

    And I agree. Guild sounds very nerdy and lame.
    Yea he did, and I don't even know what for. It sucks. That guy was an OG.

    And yea the clans section needs to get more active. I remember that it was so active back in the day that the fa ggot mod had to make a rule that could only put clan related things in the Clans thread.
    WS30 is Whitestone30. He got banned. And yea we all met in CDW and I was actually banned from TSS because the owner at the time was a scumbag.
    Yea ever since WS30 got banned. The "guild" section is empty. It used to be really full back in the ED days. It's pretty sad
    Yea, I was actually playing pokemon showdown right now haha. You should do competetive again. I really don't have anyone to fight nowadays. And I can't wait for ORAS. :DDDDDD
    I start school on Tuesday but I'm already going to school right now for extra ****.
    Do you still like pokemon?
    I'm 17. I'm going to be a senior already. I was like in 7th or 8th grade when I made this account. lol
    **** man I don't even remember you. Mind refreshing my memory a bit? I see that we're old friends. And I have been okay. I've gotten older in the last two years. Wbu?
    Just got back today, I was on ep 25 when my comp ran out of battery :/ Oh well, I'll finish it later. Yeah Im just getting resituated at my house again now. Unpacking is always the "best" part of a road trip
    Thats pretty actually pretty sick. I just got back from a 10 hour car ride, got another 4 hours to finish tomorrow before I get back home. I brought my gaming computer (a laptop) and downloaded an entire 25 episode anime so I have something to pass the time when my phone and DS run out of battery... gotta have something to do, otherwise i'd have to read in a car for 10 hours straight cause I cant sleep in cars.
    Yeah lol it has been a while, I've been kinda going in and out of the shadows of inactivity, doing shiny hunting and playing alot of Dota 2 so yeah, how about yourself?
    Your reasoning behind why Game Freak would make such a change is essentially "no reason at all," which still isn't a reason. They've got plenty of new Pokemon to play around with if they want to "do something just for something new" in a product that they're selling commercially and which determines how many yachts they can feasibly own.

    Anywho, whatshisface lost his face (rather quickly), so it's pointless to continue this.
    Okay im in the same time zone as you . I can battle you at 8:30-10:00pm tomorrow , well technically today but yeah ill message you around that time .
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