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  • oh i don't need to change it...i have a account with my boyfriend thats why we came up with the name together XD
    ahhhh i see thats cool i can't change to my psn name cuaz its kinda linked with a double account which really wouldn't fit me anyway >.>
    oh cool and nah i deleted awhile ago XD i was a big april fools prank for my friends and my guild members :p
    i post in the X and Y discussions
    and i don't get spam cuz i post things that contribute to the conversation lol
    No new games have come out except for the new PMD game, and I was behind in it, there is only one thread for it, and I was sure I'd read spoilers left and right, so I paid no attention to it.
    haha, thanks...

    I'll probably post a fair amount more than I do now in Pokemon discussions once XY come out... I don't like to continue to speculate the same thing for months, and I haven't seen much to comment on so I don't post in there much...

    And a lot of times unless I can give a good opinion I just don't say anything... haha
    I really like Snivy.. I wasn't paying attention to Pokemon on the Internet then, just playing on my DS, so I didn't know who most people liked.

    I really like Zorua... I really really like Zorua and Zoroark.
    I like Chespin.. I don't love him. But I like him.

    Froakie is good.. not much to say about him.

    Fenniken is okay-to-good...

    Their evolution will play a huge role in who I chose, but if I had to pick now, it's Chespin for me.
    I think Sylveon is okay.. I don't love it's design, but I don't hate it either. I've read someone sarcastically say someone's five year old daughter drew it.

    It definitely looks feminine, but I don't hate it. If it has good typing / moves I'd use it in a heartbeat.

    What's your opinion on the starters?
    Haha, I bet she'd be happy to see you beat him.

    If she's asking for help that's good sign she really likes Pokemon.. haha
    I guess it's because I had Reshiram first and grew fond to him. My brother wanted Zekrom and I was leaning to Zekrom a little more, mainly because he was an Electric-Dragon type, my two favorite types.

    You gave your sister your Rayquaza? Do you start games over from time-to-time, or no?
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