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  • I actually think it looks pretty good, better than the pictures that seen on the homepage a few days ago. I will like it if it is NOT Mewtwo or an alternate form of Mewtwo, a la Kyurem - Black/White Kyurem.

    But if it's just an alternate form of Mewtwo, I'll be disappointed. I'll probably still like it, but just not as much as if it was, say, a Mewthree.

    I really like Yveltal.. Design wise, it's my favorite Legendary since Rayquaza.
    bobaholic was banned a week ago for posting 'The bible predicted Pokemon' and other threads of nonsense in many different boards.

    Just telling you in case you were wondering.
    Yeah she will learn fast. :D

    Thats the worst part when they sit the good player for a wack player. Why in the world would they blame you?
    Why he sat in the middle of the field ESPECIALLY DURING A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME? He lucky I ain't his Father cause I would have Whooped his *** . That sounds Funny though.

    Besides not playing
    Did you enjoy some of the things that were going on. :)
    She'll learn if you say how smart she is. :D

    Yeah thats not right every person deserves a chance to play
    I could have gone Pro but like I said I wasn't dedicated.

    Were the Coaches Kids Good? :p
    Yeah I understand
    I don't know much about cars neither. Take your time with her Cars are one of the hardest things to teach someone. :)

    Tell you the Truth Bro
    I was a great player just not dedicated.

    Hope you Right Bro
    Hope you Right. :)
    I would have never done it
    Especially when someone is not taking care of there car.
    Yeah same thing over here in NY but the difference is the Age.

    Baseball was the main one I played since I was a Kid. But when I hit Junior High I stop playing for some reason.

    Yeah thats True
    But for the last ten years there has been less Puerto Rican players.
    This Win would have brought back Baseball to Puerto Rico
    Which is why I wanted them to win.
    Wow before buying a Car its very important to make sure the Car checks out before buying it you know what I mean. :)
    Thats Crazy. Over here in NY you need to be at least 18 to get your Permit. :p

    You should watch it. :)
    So you can learn so when you play it you have a better mind set for the game. :)

    Puerto Rico came in Second. We lost to the Dominicans. :(
    The Win meant alot for our People.
    You Should Visit :)
    Im sorry to hear that. How old are you?

    Yeah I see what you mean. You always got to Represent. :)
    Seattle is going to be good in the next 3 years but Atlanta is going to be a Force in the NL East. :)

    Im disappointed that my country lost in the WBC
    It meant alot for us.
    My Favorite Teams are :
    Baseball : New York Yankees
    Basketball : New York Knicks
    Football : New York Jets

    As You Can see Im from New York. Always got to root for your home team. :)

    Did you see The World Baseball Classics? :)
    are you a fan of Dawn or one of the other characters from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh region? I was wondering this since i seen your set location is Twinleaf Town
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