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  • yeah and thats because someone must of reported you thats all...make sure to go through the sig check thread to make sure next time so you don't get another warning to the point of losing your sig and doing good just been busy with my art shop and teg is still open ^_^ love my guild...
    also zoruruler about your sig check your notes it tells you what mod gave that warning and what you did wrong...
    Well I already played on my Varsity Basketball team, and I'm already made Varsity Tennis and Golf... but they won't let me do both :(

    Too bad colleges won't let me do both either. But I've already been approached by a few. You looking to play pro b. ball?
    lol not really, just lucky :p

    Just got back from a debate tourney. I literally kicked my partner out of the debate during the finals, and I won :3

    How was your weekend?
    Meh, pretty much the same. Started tennis conditioning, my arm hurts. Benching 250 kills me, but I'm not as young as I used to be ;)

    What classes are you taking?
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