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  • Yeah, I'm totally the nostalgia type too, I'm actually surprised I like something from the later series more than the older series. His original outfit I of course feel the most familiar and fond of, but in terms of style, I like the hoodie much more, it's more natural looking, yet it maintains a unique style that suits him. It also makes him look a little more built, he looked pretty skinny in the loose vest. His Sinnoh outfit isn't as good, though the baggy jeans would have suited his Hoenn hoody really well. The Best Wishes outfit is ok I guess, though I don't really like his re-design, he looks younger than he did when he started out in Kanto.

    I never really got used to Misty leaving the show, which is the primary reason I havn't watched much of the newer series. Sure, she'd been around for a long time and I can see some people wanting a change, but she'd been around for so long she felt like an important part of the show for me. They handled the goodbye pretty well though, I always liked how they didn't go over the top with the romance like many other anime movies/shows do (afterall, they're only around 10-11 years old), but they did recognize a special friendship between Ash and Misty.
    Just saw your message, thanks for explaining things to me :D

    Yeah, I think Veronica Taylor did Ash really well, Sarah Natochenny does it nicely too, though I think her voice lacks much of the emotion Veronica Taylor's voice had though her pitch is really nice.

    In all honesty, I haven't watched much of the seasons past the end of Master Quest, I've tried a few times, but nostalgia for the original series makes it difficult. I'm thinking that when I'm done the Original Series this time, I'll just go right into the Advanced Generation series and on and force myself to watch until I get used to it.

    One thing I actually like more in Advanced Generation series is his clothes, they suit him much more than the original clothes (which were good as well). The Diamond and Pearl clothes were ok as well, but not as good as the ones from Advanced Generation, at least in my opinion.

    P.S Thanks for adding me :D
    Thanks for adding me here, even though I don't really post here often. This board is just too slow to stay here regularly, I just make occasional appearances because there's a thread dedicated to Pokemon in Australia, and because the anime thread's a little more lax on VA discussion than BMGf.

    I really enjoy having civilised discussion about VAs and hopefully people like (P.O.K.E.M.O.N.) and their crazy ranting doesn't ruin it for us.
    (I'm definitely sure you're the same PokemonTrainerLisa I know from #SPP, right?)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say 'Happy Birthday~!'. I hope you have an awesometastic day today. ^^
    Hey lisa. Nice to see your on. Been out of it in the last few days. I guess lifes caught up to me or I've been working too hard. Hope your well.
    yeah I am very bored right now. I've been online all day today.=P
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