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  • Hello, thought I'd drop by and torture you with my 'Text Wall Syndrome.' Lets see if I can type little.

    As for noteven"carouselambra"man, that was a second profile for "Carouselambra". Look at the long post he has done and at the very beginning of it, look at who he was responding too. In that's person post, there is a name similar to his. He also says the post he was sending was similar to his earlier one. His name can be stretched as Not even Carouselambra man. You can find out the rest.

    Unfortunately, it seems I can't. Curses.
    Lol I have an alakazam and he's pretty good in ruining Blissey! Haha

    Item:Choice Specs then use Trick and tada! Blissey is ruined!
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