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  • AYYYYYYYY THATS MAN NERD LOL. I was just checking up on the forums (nearly forgot my password and I dont remember the email ayyy lmao). We were talking up on skype then you unadded me lol, youve done it once before so i dont know if that stuff is on accident or glitchy or not, but i still got your skype so ill hit you up man.
    I'm participating enough to have been made a League Official, so I would say I'm still around. Uni is going pretty great - I hated the course so switched to English, but I retained my friendship group and flatmates, so I would say all is going well. How about you?
    hmm sena you too if you see this man long time! i still feel bad about that stuff from a long time ago. hope you're well. 15 more days til our birthday iirc
    lmao goke if you happen to see this how ya doin, i don't feel comfortable sending a pm to such a legend, it's like sacred ground to be in that inbox
    Hello N3rdmigo!

    Just wondering if you have a DWF Gible & Poliwag? Doing some RNG breeding and after those two and thought I'd see if you have any? (that Bagon you gave me was an absolute Godsend)

    Otheerwise, nothing new here, how are things with you?
    Yep, i think i might be free on Saturday /Sunday. Yep i think we have a week its ok
    Fatty lmao
    Hey there :)
    Remember me?
    We need to battle soon for the Region Wars so please fix a time ^_^
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