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  • k bye then. If you'd like ask Skynet to give you another test battle, if he asks why tell him I said I rated you unfairly and that I sent you to him for a 2nd test
    Like I said you wouldn't get it, but since you wanted an explanation battling skilless unoriginal crap like banded scizor isn't my idea of fun. I saw enough to rate you , however I do aplogize for the unfair/harsh rating on your team. I did like your lead =/. You still wouldn't have gotten higher than B class though because next to no one does according to Sky. Its really hard to get. You'll have to level up by EXP
    In all honesty I didn't want to battle anyone else I just outplayed a mega OU spammer with a NU team only to get stalled out by a Blissey and then I fight someone else who was using a pretty bog standard team with the exception of your lead and I just wasn't feeling it so I ran. So no your team wasn't deserving of that rating but you wouldn't have gotten higher than B class. Sorry for the overly harsh rating
    The first person you told D: was that when you guys were fighting over me? lol btw I know your a dude (n3rd) and I'm not gay xD sorry to break your hopes xD
    well, i'm okay. but, TA has been breaking...Nick and Andrew have left(cause of bullying on the chat) and people have gotten in a lot of arguments.........where have you been? oh and PS----> Me and Andrew are a couple! <3 you know....u were the 1st person i told that i liked him.Even though u lied to me and said he liked some "older woman"
    hey, i saw your post in the TCG. I was wondering whether it was serebii adding the cardex that prompted you to get back into the cards? That is what happened for me.

    Lol good point, its not best suited to taking out ghosts, I've changed my team if you feel up to giving me a rematch?
    Not particularly, got owned like a noob, that ****ing Gengar just wouldnt die, if you hadn't got that critical hit on Shuckle I might have had a chance.
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