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  • Well, the strange thing is that in your profile it's white, but on a post of yours it's black. Maybe you should get your sig checked just in case.
    Oh, and thanks for the congrats =) I'm finishing up the chain now, because I don't need more than 4 shiny hoppip :p And good luck with ponyta too!
    Oh, that's too bad =( You'll get the hand of it soon. I promise :)
    And about your sig, the thing about bidoof is white for some reason, so it's still six colours I think.
    Hi nick =)
    Anyways, I came to tell you that you have one colour more than the allowed amount in your sig, so you need to get rid of one of the colours.
    I don't really think it's necessary, since the club isn't that big and popular...

    Maybe when there are several active members, I can create one...
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