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Recent content by pokeplayer9994

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    Something Unusual Happened in a Max Raid Battle

    ^^You know what? I think you're right. I was able to catch that Pyukumuku and checked it's moves. Lo and Behold, it has Soak. I wasn't paying much attention at the time as I was watching YouTube while playing the game, so I'm not surprised I didn't notice that. Not a bad strategy there...
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    Something Unusual Happened in a Max Raid Battle

    Something strange happened during a Max Raid battle. I was up against a Pyukumuku and I had Eternatus out. Now, this Pyukumuku used Toxic on the player with a Solrock, which got poisoned. At that point, I didn't think much of it. However, later in the battle, it used Toxic on my Eternatus...
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    Say something positive about your least favorite series

    BW: I actually liked Oshawott, and the Meloetta Saga was pretty good. Not much else I can like about it, sadly.
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    "What's This Ship Called?"

    Wooloo & Mareep The internet has already declared the two should be together. (If DeviantART hasn't made that obvious enough.) So, let's give the new ship a name. From this day forth, I declare thee SheepShipping! (If the name isn't obvious enough.) Does the world accept?
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    Thoughts on the Upcoming Pokemon Switch Game?

    I find people who review bomb to be pathetic individuals that I don't want to waste my time with. I'll leave it at that because going in depth of my feelings towards these individuals might get me a strike.
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    Pokemon LGPE first impressions

    As someone who doesn't have much time to play the game, I have fallen in love with The Pokeball Plus. <3 I work in retail and have to walk around a lot. With the Pokeball Plus I was able to get my Level 2 Mew up to Level 20 before I even faced Brock. I can't wait to see who else I can get so...
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    Pika Pika Sparkling Love! Poipole Spins Round and Round!! (1010)

    Well, we'll see what happens with Poipole being with Ash. As of now, I'm just wondering what Ash's sixth team member for the region will be. Guess we'll just have to wait for that one.
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    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Recent Happenings Thread

    So, I downloaded the three Hidden Ability Starters and Decidueye ended up being female. One thing I like doing is trying to breed for 6 IV babies. This is giving me the perfect oppurtunity to get a 6 IV Rowlet. However, the execution has not been very lucky for me. You see, I also try to get...
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    So, what DOES make a Pokemon Legendary?

    So, if you go to the following website, there is a quiz from Pokemon Company International. If you take it, you find that Pheromosa, an Ultra Beast, is NOT a Legendary. https://www.pokemonlegendary.com/en-us/legendary-pokemon/ So now that we have definitive proof that Ultra Beasts aren't...
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    1st/2nd Gen Recent Happenings Thread

    Welp, I caught all of the necessary Pokemon so Bill's Grandfather can give me endless stones. I also got the Level 70 Lugia! Next up on the catch list, the Roaming Legends! Ugh! They are going to be a pain!
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    1st/2nd Gen Recent Happenings Thread

    Argh! I've NEVER had such a problem with a normal Pokemon! Murkrow was a pain to catch! Sure, my team was over-leveled, but I at least had Sonicboom to more safely lower HP. Anyways, I got it as low as possible under the current circumstances, paralyzed it and then started throwing...
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    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Recent Happenings Thread

    I am nearly done with the main story. (Just need to finish the final trials and beat the Elite 4.) At this point, now that the Ultra Wormhole has been opened, I went and hatched a bunch of Syncronize Ralts. It was fun using my Ditto from Gold and my Ralts from Island Scan, whom was holding...
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    Help me describe a Pokemon

    Okay, so I'm busy making a story. In it, it's the future and Max from the Pokemon Advanced series has become a Gym Leader and his dad is trying out for the Elite 4. Now, in the story, I chose to give Max a Breloom. (Same Shroomish he befriended back then.) However, I got as far as this...
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    Regarding Bank Update

    I found that Cloning Pokemon does work. I cloned several Ditto ahead of time and all of the clones were able to be sent. No problems what so ever! Edit: I also tested cloning the Johto Starters. The cloned Starters were able to be sent as well with no problems.
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    Event Trading Thread

    My Neighborhood Gamestop ran out of codes for the Shiny Silvally before I could get one. Getting to a different Gamestop would be a pain for me. Does anyone have a spare code to give me? Please PM if you do. Thanks in advance.