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  • It's not even a proper strategy imo. You're basically relying on your opponent to play better than you. Imo of course.
    Yh it's such an annoying Pokemon. I feel a lot safer when I don't see one on a team. Also why I sort of fell out with Cryuel. (All because of a damn ditto)
    I will! sorry, I didn't realize I gave away all my female tinted lens ones ;w;
    I'll breed more and if you need one later on I'll get you a tinted lens one :D!
    and ty!
    well I have a compound eyes female, you could probably use it to breed off a tinted lens, it'd be a little more difficult though D:
    ok I don't :/ only have 1 female left and I need that if I'm to breed anymore >.<
    sorry bout that, I can give you a male one though! and once I breed more I'll get you a female :D
    ok :3
    its probably crap ivs but I think I still have another female moon ball venonat with its egg moves.
    sure :3
    will help breeding one a ton! Idk why anyone would waste time putting drill peck onto one when brave bird is so much better. and lefties+roost will help with the recoil.
    Iv bred would be awesome!
    but if you don't have one already bred then I'll breed it :)
    hey pnguin! was wondering if you had any female skarmory's, impish, sturdy, with the egg moves stealth rock, whirlwind, and brave bird :3
    the one I have has drill peck instead :/
    thought to ask you since you're the bird expert after all ;p
    It was fun. And yeah, kinda shot myself in the foot with Trick Room for that one, though. The Reuniclus is from my doubles trick room team, with protect replaced with shadow ball. A couple of the others are from a different team for a random tourney on FB I was in one round of, and the rest were kinda just meant to be party glue. I actually think the Exploud was from an experimental triples team from before I joined the league - that had changed its moveset a couple times (it was originally part of a Round team)
    Ah, still being quirky with your items I see. ;)

    Yh that was really unlucky. Surprised arceus defrosted in one turn though. I could have gone geomancy and ended it but I was really afraid of that ditto so I couldn't set up with anything which ruined me almost. Also thought xerneas would be faster than Palkia but I found out the hard way lol

    Good game :)
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