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  • Thanks for the compliment! I enjoy making my shinies out of clay since there’s only so many figures of shinies. Plus it makes them feel more personalized if I make them myself. The starters took a bit to work on since it took me a while to come up with different poses. Congrats on your shiny Dratini! I bet it felt good to get a shiny that wasn’t un-catchable or fled, unlike the last two.
    I know I don't really know you but I thought you may want to know that your sig says you got dratini(which by the way is a beautiful shiny congrats on that) on May 8st :p
    Thank you ;v; everyone's shinies are special and getting them is awesome, it needs to be congratulated ;v; <3

    And no problem >3< you got so manyyy I wish I could borrow luck right now |D and thanks >3< I wish you luck in return too ;v;
    thank you! btw (just wanted to tell someone) i am currently MMing for a shiny modest magic guard solosis *sighs* i have almost hatched sixy eggs and im already tired!!! (wimp)
    hi, i dont know you, but i saw that you are like the head honcho of the shiny hunter's club so you would prbly know the answer to this question.

    If im SRing for a starter, when i open the basket/suitcase/etc. and see the pokemon, will it be shown to be shiny then? or do i have to wait for the battle?
    and if im SRing for a legendary, will it be shiny like in that phase right before i talk to it? (i think the answers are no, just checking)
    Hey, Realm, can I make a suggestion for a new rule in the Club? Lately I've noticed that people have been posting huge pics without the use of a spoiler tag or resizing the images. It's a little annoying to see...Can you post a rule about the use of spoiler tags, maybe?
    aww man sorry to hear that but i really glad u got one of them at least...i randomly only ran it shinies in the older versions...like in emerald...i was in the battle tower and a shiny pokemon appeared while i was battling a trainer...that really sucked...i forgot what shiny it was but i thought i looked cool though...was so mad...
    congrats on shinys have obtain...thats so cool that u got like three shinies from different versions...talk about pure luck...
    sorry about breaking those rules and the reshiram and zokrom were from wifi and so like i mark then onto my sig if they are shiny
    There is just something about your signature that is so.....sexy!

    I wonder what it could be...
    Okay, thanks! There are a lot of fossils I'd like shiny, and if I dual SR, then I'll be getting 10 in 2 minutes, about as good as single SRing for a starter on HG.
    So how long does each SR take? I imagine quite a while. And is the shininess still generated when you recieve it?
    Hey, 2 things
    1)Congrats on Archen (I like to congratulate on people's profiles)
    2)Can you SR multiple fossils at once? I saw you with a full fossil party in the vid.
    thank u..someone pointed out a while back it thread that it was like a second warning...i didn't know what that meant until i look through all my posts and i noticed one so thats how i figured out that i made two mistakes...when i first join the forum i did accidently posted a message without knowledge about the club...i fixed it though and i deleted that one...can't wait to start postin once in awhile my success on shiny hunting....thanks again...
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