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  • I was wondering why some left a message it will be a second strike for the shiny hunter club...totally forgot there was a different message that i posted when i first joined...i really do appoligize for the misunderstanding...from now on ill all rules before posting...
    alright I left a proper post that should fix my problem that was completely misunderstood and i would like to join the forum...i do feel really bad for doin that...i read every little bit...
    yeah i know noticed it after i posted...ill just delete the post for u and sorry for the rule breaking...sorry for my misunderstanding...was really tired last night and i forgot to read the rules...i go delete iit now immediatly...
    You accidentally posted a profile picture of Buneary instead of Zubat. Congrats on the shinies, though! Dude, you're on a roll!
    'Grats on Buneary!

    EDIT: Wait, DOUBLE shiny news!?

    I hope you're done with work soon! I want to read about it and watch it on your YouTube!
    Hi there, Pokerealm, it has definitely been a long time! I've seen you on MSN, of course, but I didn't want to disturb you.

    Life's been fairly crazy lately, but I won't get into that too much!

    May I just say that you're one crazy shiny machine?! ;) Congrats x 100 or however many shinies you've managed to catch since I last spoke to you! (just joking, of course, but there has been quite a lot!)

    Storm informed me of a new club, and I have to admit that I've been lurking in there as it's fun to see new shiny captures, etc, but I don't really know if I should join or not.

    Oh, and yes, I got a shiny Stunfisk, too ... I was hunting for a shiny Shelmet, as Accelgor is one of my fave 5th gen Pokes, and I ran into him instead. He wouldn't be my first choice for being on my team, but I've really grown attached to him as of this point in time!

    Anyway, good luck with any shiny hunting in the future, and wish me luck as well!
    Victini zal nie lukken te groot :( gewone wooper moet lukken en shiny skorupi ma die zal dan wel feller rood zijn (moet nieuwe kleuren en platen kopen :(
    Ik heb ook een shiny litwick gemaakt (staat wel in spiegelbeeld :() kan die ook posten als je wilt :). Als je een request pokemon hebt mag je het ook vragen ik maak shiny en gewone

    I wasn't sure how much had changed (I thought it was the same until I learned that everstones now work with internationals). So when I heard that people were SR-ing, I pictured them having a boxfull of eggs (taken there immediately after recieving) then hatching them.

    I'll give it a shot. Hopefully it'll prove to be more efficient.
    ok thanks for the information. i hope we can be friends now and i look forward to coming back to the shiny club when my ban ends :D
    I'm glad to see that you changed the rules a bit. BTW I never said the you or the Co-owners were strict, I said the rules are. Oh, and congrats on Swadloon, Whirlepeid, Cotonee, and Purrloin, great shinies. Good luck with the club, and I may come back sometime ( =
    excuse me, im one of the people you just banned from your club. im not going to get angry, i am just curious what those 3 strikes were for. i already knew were 2 of em came from but the 3rd i am confused about. thanks. :(
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