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  • Yup. Although, now that I think about it, Arceus will probably never be a legitimate shiny since the Azure flute event never happened...

    But if we can get most of them it prolly won't matter too much. =/
    True, but that's why you get started on it now. lol

    My thought was that we could help each other out ("data trading" the shinies) rather than getting every last pokemon with your ID on it.
    Where is Jack! I'm serious! He's not dead! How the hell did you hack into all his stuff! You're a retarded twisted man! Saying someone is dead is not F***ing funny!
    u believes me u ****a, this is the 'new jack' you were talking about
    his laptop is logged onto everything
    hes dead
    get over that ****
    How did this happen Jack? I thought you were acting weirdly and then someone told me you had been hacked...I still have time to shiny hunt, but I know you're much older and you're probably focussing on college/uni or work now, right? Anyway, it's been a while, how was that trip you went on? While you were gone I found my first SR shiny...just so you know.
    You're the co-owner of the Naruto club, right? Well, as you might know, Dream Pray got perma-banned, and so the Naruto club is in no hands. One of us is going to have to restart it, and it's between you and me. Ryo doesn't want to do it, obviously DP can't do it, and no other members are active anymore, so what's your idea on this?
    PSHJ, if you're playing through the game and a completely and totally random shiny appears, then it will certainly count.
    If you want, I would be willing to race for another shiny Whismur. LoneStarAkira might want to also, we were racing but I started before her. I wouldn't put as much effort as I was into another race, since I already have a shiny Whismur now, but I'll still try.
    I don't know how many encounters, I don't count. However, a long time ago I found one in Victory Road, and it used roar. I wanted another, so I searched in Rusturf Tunnel through thousands of encounters. I gave up, went to Victory Road to train, and found another! What're the odds, TWO shiny whismurs while in a cave that they seem to be the hardest pokemon to find inside. Anyway my game corrupted because I bought it from ebay so now I want to search for another one.
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