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  • Also, I'm considering to host an art contest (drawings) in the PokeShipping thread. But before actually doing that, I want to know whether people are interested or not, so I know whether it's worth it or not. The idea is having people post drawings and then having people vote to decide the winner. Would you be interested in participating? And would you be willing to vote?
    Glad to hear it. :)

    Because I like to keep it mysterious LOL. But no, you ain't right.

    Oh yeah... Iris cameo in gen 6....
    Well, people think Cilan & Iris are a set, so if Iris leaves (which will happen) Cilan will too. What do you think about that?
    Oh... well at least being friends is better than awkwardness.

    I can understand why you say that, because I don't have a gender put in my bio LOL I just never added it.

    I just don't see it happening right now, but trust me, I'm not gonna dwell on that fact that she will indeed return because it's ust unlikley. Dawn just left and that may be it for her as well.
    Really?.... I'm kinda fixated on them.... I'm sorry it didn't work out with her! ;|

    Yeah people think it's weird because they hate gingers and they say how they have "no souls" which s really dumb.

    Me too! It make's me sad, An original character doesn't deserve that! the very last time they showed her was in a brief photo in Brock's room.
    That's crazy XD

    One time I was with some friends at subway and this random dude like tries to attack me when I'm waiting in line, apart from someone in the queue grabbed him and stopped him. I was 16 at the time and the dude was like 27, it turned out to be the brother of some girl I hooked up with, he was gay and had been to prison for GBH before. He also got arrested for sending death threats to someone else from my school who "gave his mum an eating disorder" by saying she had a big chin. (Although how eating less can make your chin smaller is beyond me.) That's probably the craziest thing that has happened to me fight-related :p
    It's fine. I know my messages are so long. XDDD

    Hmm I think Skyla did a pretty good job already. xD I'm not sure about Burgundy, and it just depends on how her character changes throughout the time. If she's still telling people to replace Pokemon or whatever...no most likely she shouldn't beat him. Though if she grows and understands why she's been wrong, she can beat him. That's how I see it anyway. XD

    I used to hate Pearl with a burning passion...but then most of my friends on here like it..so I guess it grew on me. Remember I'm not majorly into it.XD Abilityshipping, I agree, is very cute. I saw that episode a few times and I found it really cute. :3 Though Pokeshipping grows on me a lot if I rewatch OS. XDDD Contest is adorable. One day I'm going to see if I can get a Contest/wishful banner for my sig. XD Hmm by default, eh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04ebs9zR5K0

    There. You are now converted if you watch that vid. XDDDDDD
    Lol, I don't get why people drink black coffee, it's not enjoyable to me, kind of like when people eat really spicy food. My most memorable fight was at this dumb music festival in my town, it's pretty small and it sucks but we went there at like 16 or whatever just to get drunk and that. Anyways this kid from our school was on the floor getting kicked by these load of dudes and me and a friend went over to break it up. I never liked the kid but I felt i should step in. Anyways I asked him what he'd said to them and apparently this one guy hadsaid he was Robert Pattinsons cousin and was proper like cocky, so we sort of met up with more friends/people we went to school with and went over there cause they sounded like douches lol. Anyways it was in that stage where your like talking as if your trying to like resolve an argument but you're obviously just starting a fight where your like. "Come on bro why did you do that?" and all that **** haha. And this one random like short fat 20 year old out there group runs and kicks me in the balls like out of the blue, I didn't even feel it that much out of anger/drunkness so I run at the guy and punch him twice in the head and the dude ran off back to his tent.
    What coffee do you drink dude? I personally have Latte's but on sunny days like today an iced coffee is great.
    Me too! ^o^ her personality is great!

    Lol! she's a japanese/ginger. And she's just the best character to me and her relationship with Ash.
    Lol, I hate it when you **** with people who are asleep, like if somebody shaved my eyebrows off I don't care if your my enemy, friend, or grandmother we're fighting over that ****. I've lost like 2/15 fights so I've got a pretty good record to be honest. Also I'm thinking of looking for another job cause it's seriously depressing working atm. I'm like the most inexperienced and yet I get the hardest **** to do and everyone else has like a crutch. I always do 8 hour shifts right and like today I'll be doing the hardest job until 12:30 when someone takes over while I go for lunch. Then when I come back there like "oh can you go let him off now?" like his half an hour has been really hard when I've just done 5 hours with a few breaks, it's a ****ing joke.
    XD I've not got any great fight stories to be honest, I've had a few but they've all been regular places like bars/school or whatever. And It's weird that coffee doesn't effect some people, like my friend can literally take like a triple espresso shot and then sleep on it. For me I started using it to kickstart my day but now it's like I gotta take it at intervals to make it last, the start of any addiction to be honest.
    Haha, well like I said I am trying to quit, I only had like 2 today where usually I would of had 10+

    The only problem is I'm using coffee as a sort of crutch to get off smoking, like I started work at 6:50 AM and by dinner time (12:30) I'd already had 4 cups and nothing to eat lol, ah well. It's the lesser of two evils I guess, and personally I'm around 6 foot.

    She trolls us all the time, lol. Well, she does it badly.

    Meh, I don't mind vodor at all. xD
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