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  • Hahahahaha. Yeah i told u i dont play the games :/
    Creepy tho XD

    Well zack and I r tryin to keep things alive. No thanks to u :p

    Haha lmao. They dont call me Dr.Psycho for nothin. Btw , u and bruno mars, a match made in heaven....

    Im a huge fan of enrique too. Just love his voice. And bailamos....i love it. Bailando is another one of my favs. Finally found u ia nice as well

    Great to hear that bro. I'l read it for sure
    Im just gonna pretend i didnt read the first para XD

    What matters is the present. And i hear ya. I also want pak to win ofc. We r just discussing the form and odds.
    I believe the aussies will win this time . I bet on it. Again, id love if pak could but we're practically the underdogs here....

    Lol thats one way to speed things up. Or we could just come up with interesting topics XD

    Lmao. Then u must dig him dude. He gay. You gay. Gay sex. My mind ruined with the thought XD

    How bout enrique iglesias ? U dont like him either??
    Another theory for Yashio is that Devil Wears Prada theory floating around where she takes Serena under her wing but then is revealed to be manipulative and evil and then Serena ditches her. Yashio actually kinda looks like Miranda Priestly
    Dont worry ;)

    Thats even worse. U are gay in animal sex :O

    Tell me about it :/ The world is so unfair :(

    I think that the odds r actually even here. Yes india lost to england but against afghanistan , R sharma was almost scary Imo XD
    Also, pak has never ever beaten india in the world cup. NEVER :/
    Also, our form isnt all that good either . We lost both matches against the kiwis. Yes we recovered in the warm-ups but our top order practically sucks. Only misbah can be counted on...
    To top it all off, some of our best players are out injured. Our squad is of a team going on a series against boys from Jamaica :/
    So, i stand corrected. Odds r not even. They r in ur favour

    Also, the thread has really slowed down again today. Lets try and keep it running ;)

    Btw, did you listen to that song
    Lmao at this, it's really hilarious XD
    That sucks. Download it from eshop. But it takes forever that way XD
    Yeah. Dawn was perfect, I dunno what Serena will be considered since it seems like she's going beyond that. Yeah :D
    Lol. That's why I bought Y :D
    Heh I kinda was, or was that sweat in my eye? xD
    Yeah, she's even looking better than Dawn's development. Now only if she'll become Kalos Queen...
    Yeah, they're great :D
    They cant do nothin to me
    No seriously, the post had some good 3 paras about amour. Dont worry ;)

    If ur typho is a male, it can only mean one thing. Ahhhh you're gay !!!!! XD

    Hell with lab test. I hav 2 exams on tuesday. I also wont be watching the complete match cus it takes too long. I'll prolly watch last 10 overs of both sides hopefully :)
    I know :/
    Yeah. I'm surprised she holds it in so well, she's so relatable xD
    Lol. I can't wait for her next Showcase :D
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