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  • I'm working on those.
    I'm a rookie with makin banners . . . I'll tell you when I've got it down
    hmmm, I think your signature needs a VS Mugshot. c'mon, you know ya want one XD
    hmmmm . . .couldya do me a favor?
    Can ya request somethin' from Ebiltun's Art Shop?
    I work there and I am so bored . . . so I need someone to request something!
    It'd be awesome if they made a Hoenn remake.
    What would the names be, though?
    Pokemon BlueShapphire and RedRuby?
    yah, I know, I suck at making names. I thought they were going to remake Crystal in 4th Gen and call it 'SpiritCrystal'. lol
    I saw your fave pokemonz on your signature and I saw KYOGRE!!!
    Yay! I found another Kyogre lover!
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