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    Luckily no personal data could be accessed by this moderator, and we've altered the permissions so hard deleting isn't possible in the future
    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • I gotta ask, what does you hunting manaphy have to do with Zabi being willing to make you a banner or not? I mean, I could decide to hunt Manaphy or Jirachi if I wanted and that doesn't make me special or anything. It just means I'm attempting what will probably be a time consuming hunt many people don't try often. Don't see how that makes it so Zabi needs to make you a banner.
    You can be hunting Arceus and I wouldn't make you a banner.

    This is why I stopped making banners. Now please, leave me alone.
    If I don't want to do them, it is my choice to not do them.

    Your not going to persuade me into making you one, I know that's what your trying to do. :/
    Its not working.
    I don't even update the ones I made for people anymore...
    Yeah it was insane cause the price jumped up haha so I dont have that one but Ill get one soon maybe just like a ds lite
    I guess I could but I don't know if they could do anything now that schools out for summer break. I think Ill just buy this bundle I found on ebay for pretty cheap. It's a blue DSi, like the one I had, that comes with pokemon White, Heartgold and Platinum along with other games for 28 Euros. E: I think that's a pretty good deal.
    We were in the swimming unit in PE and it was inside my backpack. The lockers aren't big enough to fit our backpacks so we have to leave them outside. I brought my backpack out by the pool so no one would steal my stuff, that helped, and once I got out of the pool I saw my backpack was opened and I panicked looked through my backpack and it was gone. So I told the office and they made me fill out this form that described it and what happened but they really don't care. So I now have no DS and I think I'll just use my brothers but he doesn't know where his DS lite charger is. :L
    Be sure to read the rules of my Generation V Club. It says no one-lining, although I still let you join, with one warning.
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