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  • Am not (wondering) =P
    And I'm the worst for telling blonde jokes; I hate offending people, so as long as I'm offending myself at the same time it's okay!
    How's your team going?
    And don't worry, I've been busy too, just finished wrapping the last of over 50 presents o_o
    Perhaps I'll go on MSN in a bit... =P
    What kind of new pokes? Or would that give the secret away? =P
    I'm not going to wonder...Mustn't wonder...*Concentrates on not thinking any thoughts at all* <- Which is quite easy for us blondes to manage XD
    I'm well thanks, though it's pretty late on in the evening now, I'll head off soon. How are you?
    Dutchy-style? What do you mean?...-Actually, never mind, I don't need to know!
    How are you this morning? It is morning there, right?
    Yeah dude, schoolwork seems to be slowing a lot of people down. Especially with my semester ending soon, it seems to be piling up on me. But don't worry about posting, if it messes with your schoolwork.
    Ahh, that is okay if you are trying. So don't sweat it. I appreciate the fact that you want to try and stay in the RP though.

    If you want, you can create a new character. I would recommend a shinigami due to there being three other people to help move that story along. But if you want to continue with the vizard, I don't blame you. If you need help with a Vizard story, PM me.
    You like naruto i see,I read every chapter of the manga from the 1st one to the one that just came out
    Yay, christmas!! In dutch-style (my mum's dutch) we share presents on the 5th December, so I thought I'd do the same with my friends ^_^
    Me? Wut the -
    Oh noez, who??
    I think they introduced the surveillance because someone created a forum simply to throw round horrifying comments about girls they didn't like,, etc. Luckily I wasn't on it, but I knew many who were =S
    Yup, all my homework's done, so now I'm doing christmas preparations ^_^
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