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  • Good morning!
    Yay! I got all of my work done! I had to sacrifice an entire afternoon/evening, but it's done =D And now I have to go to college (where there is constant internet surveillance now o_o, so no Serebii there). So no need to beat me into shape today =P
    Well, I had a busy weekend sorting out uni stuff, only to leave hours worth of homework due in tomorrow for tonight. Normally my time management is sub-par; but this time I just haven't had the time... =S
    At least we're celebrating half of Christmas on Friday =D
    Oo, missing in action, I like that phrase... =D
    Anyway, that's fine, as long as challengers do know just beforehand so that they can avoid choice items etc. for the correct battle, then I don't have any qualms at the moment! =P
    How are ya today?
    What does MIA stand for? And it's too bad about your league, but they don't always take off...When I started the Theme League up early 2008, I had to go actively recruiting for it.
    By the way, you have two different battles for each league challenger to undertake, right? Would it be possible to have a fixed order so that it'll be easier for challengers to stick to the respective rules for each match?
    Lol you dislike the conversations yet you persist. As far as your brother's "war" to maintain balance goes, he has lost. Good day.
    I read somewhere that you're the guy to ask about how to submit weekly records for the Super Elites? You never run out of uses ;)

    What exactly do I have to do?
    Morning! Hmmm, perhaps I'll get some blonde highlights...With a touch of leaf-green! =D
    How come you have a poll on your league about closure? Was it only a set-time league?
    Lol,it would be nice. Tbh though, second prize is more appealing to me. Im tried with Femme anyways, and I have a trained Blaziken - I don't have a Celebi, however :p
    Hey there :). I believe its been a week since my last Theme League Challenge, in which case I demand satisfaction! I challenge you to a rematch!
    *slaps with duelling glove*

    Okay, I'll go on for a little while, not going to be around much longer, though, I want to watch an episode of House =D
    Who me?? Whyever would you direct that at me?... =S
    -Wut the - *Looks over shoulder to see who comment was directed to* =P
    Yay, the league's busy again! *Dances* Lots of things to do again. I'll have to brush the dust off my old teams, and get some new ones XD
    How's things this morning/afternoon?
    Good evening! I've been out all day, and I've got to go out again; it's hectic at the moment!
    =O I'm not being racist! At least I didn't think I was....Just biased =P
    And thanks ^^ Hopefully I'll be driving by the time I pack up and go off to uni! Although knowing me...Probably not...
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