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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Lol XD I think we'll let someone new try this one out, we've not had any new leaders for a little while, and it may liven the place up a bit, what with there only being a few challengers about =)
    Getting my provisional license!!....On Tuesday o_o
    And it's late, so I'll be logging out now, g'night!
    Think of the costs of all those retakes...A driving test here costs about £60 (Err, $100? My conversion rates since the economic crash haven't been too accurate =P). It's far too dear!
    I'll find a sash, SPP wi-fi chat beckons...Though maybe not tonight, I feel like taking a break =D
    Ha, a friend of mine took her driving test seven times before she passed =D That's persistence for ya! I'll see if I can beat her record =P
    I shall find another few focus sashes, but my only sweeper before was Gallade, that's why I only ever had the one =s
    Oh yeah that's right. You're the guy who annoyed me to death with Pit's shield. x_x I didn't use Marth at all last time though, if I remember correctly... anyways heh, I've been trying to get better with him. And I use Ganondorf a lot of the time as well, which is why I pwn so much with him. :p
    Haha. If you want to beat xgina in the lower bracket then yes you will need to practice more, since he is amazing with G&W, much better than I am with him.

    Iirc you kicked my butt a few times last time when you were Diddy, so why didn't you use him at all this time?
    Scratch my car and you can pay for a new one! Lol =P This is all hypothetical though, I don't actually have a car yet; though I may buy my Dad's old one for a discount price if I pass =)
    Focus sash = Why do i still only have one? *facepalm*
    Yes, I do, but be warned, I don't go online very much! It's wendigo_willow@hotmail.co.uk
    Well, maybe you'd get arrested for dangerous driving, trying to drive and yell abuse at the same time =P
    Hmmm, focus sash. Humbug. XD
    Oo, how do you use it without it fainting after a turn? (And don't just say 'focus sash' XD).
    And yeah, watch out for me on the motorways, I'll be the one holding up the traffic, and being in the slowest police car chase ever to happen =P
    I always assumed Manectric would be faster, it's doglike with long legs and an affinity with electricity....He was a little disappointing! But I've not quite given up on him yet =)
    I will without doubt be the worst driver there is; I think about situations too much, so on the road I'll be driving everywhere at about 20 miles an hour =S
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