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  • I agree :( Thanksgiving needs to get here soon so I can sleep again!
    So Ms.Lisa, how is the horror of high school treating you?
    Oh no, its fine. You get to tell me about your high school when I'm done though, alright? :D
    Dorm food is gonna be pretty average. Accept that now. Most of the dining halls on my campus specialize in some kind of food - mine is pasta, the one across the quad does chicken/mexican food. You'll probably be issued a student id when you get into your college, and that'll be your lunch card. It has a limited number of swipes per week, but you can choose how many. Mine has 15 per week, so I can eat 15 meals in halls. It resets every Monday.

    Watch what you eat, because the food at any college dining hall is fatty and high in carbs. :eek:
    I shall, young high-schooler! :D
    Since the dorm I live in is male only, I'm a little iffy on how coed dorms work. At least for the ones on my campus, I know there's a male hallway and a female hallway, and separate bathrooms and showers for each. And guys can't go over to the girls side without announcing themselves, or something like that, and they can't be over there after certain hours.

    Do you want to hear about dorm food? :eek:
    :eek: That would be cool! And I'm only a few hours south of Chicago, actually!
    Well, basically, guests have to be escorted everywhere. I live in an all guy dorm, and the only women's bathroom is on the first floor. No drinking if you're under 21, and if your roommate is under 21 but you aren't you can drink but he can't. No smoking at all in the dorms. There's "noise hours", since I live in a quiet hall, for you to listen to music loudly and be loud in general. But then you have certain times to be quiet, so people can study or sleep.
    Where are you interested in going? Because really, your options for living arrangements are basically:
    1) dorms
    2) a university apartment
    3) greek house (frat/sorority)
    4) off-campus housing (parents house, apartment)
    But dorming is pretty fun, actually. I live in a "quiet lifestyle" floor, so I don't have to deal with a lot of the noise issues that happen in other dorms. And I'm by a lot of cafeterias, so I have variety for what I can eat.
    Dorming? Oh yes, I still live in the dorms. I actually don't have a roommate this semester, so I have a double room all to myself. Which is nice, I didn't like my last roommate. But no, college is actually really fun! Just not this semester, because I decided "lol, 3 science classes + 3 labs + a night class twice a week" was a really great idea. Haha :p
    Yeah, I know. Eventually everything leads back to homework, and it's just blegh because you want to just hang out with your friends but you never have any time because of school :|
    I know...it sucks growing older, and it sucks having responsibiliies IRL.
    Haha. I wouldn't know :p I keep taking hiatus's
    Hello to you as well brand new friend. I'm Brandon, or Porygon as I'm called here.
    I'm a sophmore in college and for whatever reason, it is nothing like the movies and media tell me college is like. I'm stressed all the time and my social life is extremely nonexistent.
    And my personalnonserebiilife isn't going that well, but meh.
    signed Porygon/Brandon/superduberawesomeguy
    No, no, I haven't! I'm still here, I just browse a lot more than I post. And college is kind of busy and stuff so I don't have lots of time to not do college-things. :(
    I'm sorry that I didn't really try to stay in touch with you or anything ;_; you're a great friend! And I feel awful.
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