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  • Lol, no, each region is very distinct to me. I know Uza isn't a big fan of Jasonenvyshipping anymore though.
    Nope, you're a distant, fading memory in our eyes.

    And it's one "s", but I do love when you say dessert because I imagined you lying in huge fields of ice cream. So if there are deserts you're in the south west not the south? ^^;;;
    Haha wow. Well at least it doesn't snow in July where you are now, right? I'm also away from the southwest now, which rocks, although I do miss how pretty the Rockies are.

    I'll have to complain to Uza since she doesn't keep me up to date with such important things!
    Hi Little Lisa! Life's pretty crazy but I still manage to keep in touch with Uza on occasion! How about you? Is Valley Fair just as awesome as ever this year?
    I failz tooo D':

    Three days left of spring break for me D: But it's been fun...I needed it. You on spring break? :O

    And college is pretty cool, I went to the freshmen orientation thing last week.
    Seeing as your thread was closed I wil respond directly.
    I think that there is absolutley nothing morally wrong with interracial reltionships provided both parties come from a similar cultural background. When two people of different cultures get together I think it can be very difficult for them to relate to each other and have a healthy relationship (without one of them adopting the others' culture to an extent). Also, if everyone decided against same-race reltionships then in a couple of million years every child born will look exactly the same (or at least very similar) due to having genes from all over the world. Maybe I am wrong about that last bit but that seems the most logical outcome.
    Hope my opinion is valued =]
    Hello, you don't know me but I saw your post on the Shippers Review of 2009 thread and was bored and had no one to talk to.
    So Hi
    OMG OMG OMG thank you! <33333333333333 Heh, I'm 16 16 16! 83 Good thing you vmed me before I went away on holiday! 8'D I'm going to Cambodia and Thailand and it shall be epic! X3

    OMG I missed you. ;_; You and Uza need to get on MSN, oh man. <33333333
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