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  • Ah... but you didn't write your performance.
    Not everyone can wait for your next post, we need to get this moving. I will change that bit, but not that I went. Sorry.
    want to battle? if yes i have a foretress with roar, tell me if i should get rid of it. i'm just looking for a battle with anybody.
    Interesting. I've just replayed in order to get the Nemesis instead of the blade.

    To bypass the tencharlimit, just put a long space between two characters. It only appears as one space, but counts as however many spaces you put.


    Test .

    The space between the test and the period is the result of holding the spacebar down for five seconds.
    Ah, so you take the Nemesis.

    So you get hit by that lightning at the start of Heavy Press when you Super Missile Spam™?
    Still working on it. I've gotten up to Ballos before, but usually I die on his first form. I got up to his final form once, but I was rather low on health, so I just ended up dying to the rotating things.

    Interestingly enough, I had a save where I didn't get the missile launcher at all. When I got to Hell, that missile launcher container contained the normal launcher and 100 missiles. I accidentally deleted the save though.

    Do you use the Blade or Nemesis in Hell?
    Hello, Polar Star. That username reminds me to see the similar character in video game or movie.

    Oh yeah, I would like to brawl with you this weekend.

    ....*gonna send you friend request* ^^
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