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    Vermehlo_Steele, are you a troll? You come in here, make an unsubstantiated comment, get a reasonable rebuttal (and learn to use Google, I am not doing your work for you), ask for a source, get given a source, then call BS on the source. This is only understandable if you're having a tough time going through puberty. GTFO
    I love you.
    Spring Picks March 6th 2009

    Legacy Reserves (LGCY) $7.81 Yield 26.63% - Oil and gas, excellent fundamentals, incredible dividends, oversold and an absolute steal at <$8, 3 month/12 month target price $12/$17 or just hold forever, only negative is high volatility making a trailing stop pointless.

    Village Supermarket (VLGEA) $25.75 Yield 2.87% - Defensive consumer staples, experienced management, excellent growth prospects, lots of cash, only ~15x P/E and pays a generous dividend, currently not tracked by any analysts so buy it before it gets noticed and enjoy the ride.
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