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  • I admit, I made up the term because I thought it sounded better. But I do try to integrate more "scientific" elements into my Legendary Pokemon theories. This one is hard to explain, but for example, I postulate that prior to the birth of the Pokemon universe, the "primordial chaos" was a...well, a chaotic "ocean" (for lack of a better term) of energy. The Unown "swam" around erratically in this "ocean" and "exist" (yes it needs quotes) in accordance with it. This energy is really a coalescence of what I believe to be an omnipresent energy field in the Pokemon universe that Pokemon can manipulate in order to create their attacks and evolve (though Pokemon can only manipulate it in a way that corresponds to their typing (which suggests that their typing is an inherent attribute; TMs have the technology to bypass this). The Normal type is the core element (I could go even more in-depth about that). Arceus came into being in the chaotic ocean (albeit on a higher dimensional plane) and can manipulate the primordial energy through the Unown's connection to it. This is how he created the universe, or so I theorize. However, once the universe was defined, all the Legendaries that came into being on their own were restricted to one of the seventeen times that became discernible after the birth of the universe.
    Hi there, sorry for late reply! Had a few scary problems with my wifi, but now it's all fixed :) I'm afraid none of the Eevee have a 31 HP IV, and no, so spare waterstones, I'm sorry (I had the Black City shop open for a while but it only sold fire stones :/ darn, lol). Did you still want an Eevee? If so just let me know whenever's good to trade. I'm in England, so GMT+1.
    Hi there, noticed you're trying to get a Wish Eevee. If you have Wifi I'd be more than happy to give you a free one? I bred loooaaads to get a female with the right IVs a while back, so it'd help me to free up some box space :) They're mostly male, mostly Timid and mostly have 31 IVs in Sp Atk. Let me know if you wanna take one.
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